Review: Haven 2.02 “Fear and Loathing”

Warning: Spoilers under the cut!

Haven 2.02 “Fear and Loathing”




Nathan and Audrey try to discover what is causing people to be see their greatest fear. Meanwhile, Nathan adjusts after suddenly regaining his ability to feel at the memorial for Chief Wuornos, the other Audrey Parker investigates who the other Agent Howard is and his connection to Haven, and Duke is approached by a friend who wants to travel to Canada. Audrey quickly discovers it’s a young woman causing the bouts of fear, which leads to another mystery of why her affliction disappeared for a short time before returning the same day Nathan’s affliction went away. After a strange robbery of folk art and the destruction of a building, they figure out who’s been temporarily absorbing afflictions in order to gain the ability to wreak havoc on the town in revenge. The culprit is confronted on Duke’s boat and killed but not before Nathan sacrifices a chance at being normal in order to allow the young woman’s curse to be lifted.




  • That many people freaking out all at once and in once location? Definitely troubles involved.
  • Nathan in uniform. Yes, please. Oh and it appears Nathan has the rank of lieutenant if I’m reading the insignia correctly. (I could be wrong. I’m by no stretch of the imagination an expert on police rank structure.)
  • Good to see Beatrice Mitchell again.
  • Duke hallucinates about the man with the tattoo.
  • Processing. Heh. To be fair I suspect a lot of people would think the exact same thing as Duke if they hadn’t felt touch for years.
  • Awe. See Duke and Nathan are BFFs. All kidding aside, it was actually sweet that Duke appeared genuinely happy for Nathan’s affliction to be gone.
  • Second ‘It’ reference in as many episodes.
  • Okay, editors need to be more careful with that scene. Slightly disorienting to see Audrey close the case twice in the scene with Audrey II at the store. Probably one of the most noticeable blips for the entire series to date.
  • Wow, way to be the creepy guy, Nathan. (Touching the flower to the lips while driving and all that.)
  • Audrey/Lucy/whoever with red curly hair? The style seems more 50s-ish so someone predating Lucy? Interesting if that was a previous incarnation of Audrey and/or Lucy.
  • Was that Lucy that Dave saw at the bus station? If so, why would Dave be afraid of Lucy given he and Vince’s positive take on Lucy in the past when she’s mentioned.
  • Audrey/Audrey II afraid of clowns.
  • We’re tripping into Warehouse 13 territory with the puzzle “imbued” with its creator’s hatred of the town. It sounds more like an artifact.
  • Haven definitely dates back to the 18th century colonial period.
  • A woman who can make people see their worst fear when she looks at them.
  • Okay, the whole squeezing through the small space using Nathan’s ability was a bit unbelievable to me but I’ll go with it for now.
  • A guy who can absorb the affliction of other Troubled people one at a time via their blood.
  • I wonder what Nathan’s fear was.
  • Maybe I’m weird, but I like that they keep mentioning the previously seen cops on the force this season, even if we don’t see them in the episode.
  • Wow. A whole building incinerated in seconds. Hope no one was inside.
  • Hm. Well, people were inside. And Vince just happens to show up with a key bit of information?
  • Classic Nathan there: sacrifice his new found sense of touch so another could have a normal life. Even though I could see it coming, I still felt bad for him.
  • Duke and Audrey sharing a sad, regretful look for Nathan.
  • The mystery around Audrey’s Agent Howard grows. I have some ideas on that and the shared memories.
  • Dave seems pretty bitter about something regarding Lucy while Vince seems sympathetic. Makes things intriguing considering both seems to have affectionate regard for Lucy in previous episodes.
  • Julia Carr went back to Africa. This part seemed tacked on, but was needed to explain her sudden disappearance.
  • I think a bunch of Nathan/Audrey shippers melted into goo at the last scene. That and the Nathan fans wanting to give the guy a hug or something.
  • King (sort of?) references: Cujo, Sometime They Come Back, It.



Fear and Loathing continues Haven’s strong return for season 2. The plot was woven together nicely and we’ve had some new questions brought to light. It was nice to see some additional information on the town’s history. I’m not certain but I wouldn’t be surprised if the episodes title and a plot element (namely imagined fears) is an homage to the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


I thought it interesting to see the growing emergence (or perhaps reemergence) of friendship between Nathan and Duke during the episode. Duke was obviously glad for Nathan’s affliction to be gone and equally saddened by Nathan choosing to take his affliction back so another could live a normal life. Obviously some differences remain between the pair, but it seems to be mitigated somewhat by their unofficial truce in the face of the Troubles.


Audrey and Audrey II seem to be meshing well together in their search to figure out why they share memories and life experiences. There are some obvious personality differences that are starting to show. For example, Audrey has always shown an interest in the Troubles and finding answers such as her tagging along with Nathan way back in Butterfly. Audrey II seems more than willing to stay out of the local cops way when dealing with the Troubles and despite what she’s experienced so far seems reluctant to accept it, preferring to stick to more conventional lines of investigation.


The red haired Audrey/Lucy/whoever angle could be interesting if the writers are about to spring another incarnation of Audrey onto the audience. The hairstyle looked 50is to me, but I admit I am not much of a fashionista or that familiar with women’s fashions of that time period. It does pose an interesting timeline though for the Audrey/Lucy reincarnation effect. If Audrey is from 2010-present and Lucy was around 1983-1985 we could extrapolate that the mystery redhead was around as early as 1956 and as late as 1960 keeping with the 25-27 year time frame separation of Audrey and Lucy. More interesting though is the idea that perhaps a previous incarnation of Audrey/Lucy was actually dangerous to Haven and its denizens rather than helpful.


Rating: 8.5/10.0