Sci Fi Friday

Well over all I realy enjoyed the new seasons of Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. My thoughts on the new seasons can be found beyond the cut. Warning: Spoilers Abound! Stargate SG-1's Avalon I thought Avalon was nicely done in how they introduced Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (ably played by Ben Browder of Farscape fame and a favourite actor of mine) into the world of SG-1 without seeming too forced, though I'm sure a number of RDA and SG fans will complete disagree with me in this sentiment. Obviously this episode was about Cameron's attempts at rebuilding SG-1 into the team he had obviously come to admire a great deal. (Admiration that I feel nearly borders of fannish obession in some of the scenes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all who wouldn't want to work the absolute best and reknowned members of their chosen profession when given the opportunity?) General thoughts on episode events (in no particular order): - Cameron's enthusiasm was a bit of fresh air, especially in how the other characters react to him. - Loved some of the new scenes for the Antartica battle. - Wow, did I hear that right? Cameron awarded the CMH? (CMH = Congressional Medal of Honor for those not in the know is the (I believe) highest honor you can get in the USA. Very heady stuff there.) Maybe I just heard that scene's dialogue incorrectly. - I can't decide if O'Niell was genuinely sorry about Cameron's situation or not over the dissolution of SG-1. I tend to think yes, but some about the scene pointed to an ambivalence on O'Niell's part. Probably intentionally played that way by RDA to show O'Niell's reluctance to leave a program and people that's become quite dear to him. - Like the new 'do on T'ealc. Guess it's not all is sunshine and lollipops over in Jaffaville. - T'ealc's reactions to Cameron's enthusiasm had me busting out laughing for some odd reason. (It was just of the looks CJ had on his face for some of the scenes were just hilarious to me.) I kept the impression T was thinking things like: Who is this crazy human? They did check for brain damage after his crash, yes? Why me? Of course the Jaffa smirk T'ealc has on his face after scaring the crap out Cameron was equally amusing. -Ah, the lovely Miss Claudia Black as Vala Mal Duran. Amusing too. -Some of the humorous scenes were hit and miss, but over all funny without being forced. -Glad to see a few humorous potshots taken at the former co-stars of Farscape as well as the fans who kept comparing Shanks and Browder's physical similarities. All in good fun I'm sure. Overall, loved the episode. Good start to a new season with so many new characters. If this is an example of what is to come than any doubts I had about SG-1 have been put to rest. Score: 8 out of 10 Stargate Atlantis The Siege, Pt III The Siege, Pt III while good, wasn't as enjoyable as I had expected it to be. I think this was due to the overdose of repetative action to the episode and not much in the way of character development. By repetative action I mean the constant use of the Asgard beam to throw nukes around like candy. It got old after the second usage. Don't get me wrong, it fit the over all story arc. It just became boring halfway through the episode. General thoughts on episode events (in no particular order): - Daedalus looks awesome! - Mitch Pileggi. 'Nuff said. - Snarky Asgard. Hee! (Sure we couldn't understand what the Asgard was saying but I got the impression of snarkiness.) - The Colonel's apology to Sheppard over his killing a fellow officer sure came off as backhanded. It was obvious to me that Sheppard never really got over what he had to do but accepted as both a necessity and a mercy. Being essentially told that someone wished you had been there to kill them rather than suffer the effects of a wraith attack has got be rattling. - Aww. Shep/Weir hug. If nothing else this episode showed in several scenes Weir and Sheppard despite differences are truly concerned about the people under the command as well as for one another as colleagues and friends. It was this apparent lack of concern in episodes in the previous season had me wondering about the development of the series. One thing that bothered me was the Ford story arc. I think there was a plot hole in Ford taking the puddle jumper. Ford doesn't have the Ancient gene, so how did he operate the jumper? Did he get the gene inocculation and I just forgot? If so feel free to remind me. Otherwise this part leaves me scratching my head in confusion. Maybe I just had my expectations set too high for this episode. Score: 6.5 out of 10 Battlestar Galatica Scattered Scattered was freaking amazing. Continued of the tenseness and edge from the first season without missing a beat. I especially enjoyed the hints of back story on Adama and Tigh, Lee Adama's realization of how his actions will affect not only himself but others, Gaeta's role as hero, and Tyrol's role as the experienced NCO trying to keep the Kobol team alive and intact. The Helo-Boomer-Starbuck stuff going on at Caprica seemed a bit more of a bit part tag to remind the audience that they were still out there as did the Baltar-Six scenes. I thought about writing something more comprehensive on the situations with Lee Adama and Colonel Tigh here but I think I'll save that for another post after I've gathered my thoughts into a better semblance of order. General thoughts on episode events (in no particular order): - The defeated and demoralized Lee in the brig actually brought the following lines from Lily Frost's Marigold to my mind while watching the episode:

Rare I've found a heart to vow, Been unworthy up until now, Been through miles and miles of pain, Feels like most of me has been drained.

Wierd, but it seemed to fit. - Tigh's wife really needs to get spaced. Jeesh! Her husband's best friend is dying and she's talking career options! - Good man Gaeta for not only coming up with the network system to recalc the jump coordinates but for also standing up for his idea in the face of Captain Kelly's vehement objections. Nice to see a guy whose obviously a first rate officer step up. - Tigh's at least reasonable enough to realize he needs Apollo too much to leave him lounging in the brig. Forgive Lee's infraction? Never. Employ's Lee's experience and expertise? Definitely. - Lee's cold CAG routine quashing the nuggets overconfidence. Good thing too. Aside from Hot Dog and Cat, the rest where going to get themselves killed with the arrogance they were displaying. Especially loved how Lee's rebuke could be visibly seen shaking up the bragging nuggets and making realize this was serious business at hand. Guess Lee's decided to go into soldier boy mode while out of the brig until he figure out what he should be doing with himself. - President Roslin's "secret" prophecying apparently isn't so secret. Note the guard asking the "Prophet Laura" to pray with him. - As scared as Tigh was to have Galactica cut off from the fleet, you know the fleet had to have been scared to hell that Galactica had disappeared as well. - Cool. Cylons boarding Galactica. Note: I think this was probably the weakest part of the story. Apollo reported the damage taken by the Cylon trnasport crashing into the ship but no one immediately goes to assess damage? Don't buy that. In fairness the Galactica had gotten beaten up on pretty well and I'm sure crews are thin. Perhaps that will be addressed in the next episode. Score: 9 out of 10