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SFF episode reviews and comments under the cut.

Firefly : Safe

At first I didn’t recognize the episode but after about five minutes it came back to me as one of my least favorite. Basically it’s one of those back-story episodes that had promise but somehow really failed to deliver. So we learn a little more about the Tams, particularly why Simon in pretty much on his own trying to protect his sister (because of parents that could care less about their gifted daughter, particularly the father while going through the motions of watching said brother get himself kidnapped while the rest of the gang are trying to offload their cows to the local smugglers, in the process getting Book shot.


There was as a line that I did find rather amusing…“Cunningly concealed herd of cows.”


Rating: 6.0/10


SG1: Ex Deus Machina

I was surprised to find myself bored at the beginning of this episode for some reason but finally really hooked into the episode after about fifteen to twenty minutes. By the end I was actually quite happy with the episode. It was just what I needed to get over my growing boredom of the Ori story line. It was something like the old SG-1 before the defeat of the System Lords but with a bit of a different twist to it, which is good.


Random thoughts/comments:

  • Jaffa hit by truck…interesting.
  • Gerak vs Teal’c. Some how I suspect the Jaffa Council is going to end up following Gerak. The Jaffa are pretty well stuck in their old slave soldier mentality despite Teal’c, among other Jaffas, showing them other ways.
  • Side comment: I’m actually surprised that there is a woman on the Jaffa Council given the biases of the Jaffa against the females of their population. Look how hard it was for T to accept women Jaffa warriors and he’s positively liberal for a Jaffa.
  • Carrie Johnson shout out.
  • Ball…er…Ba’al! My favorite ex-System Lord. Corporate executive, eh? System lord…Corprorate exec…looks like he’s perfectly qualified to me. Heh. And hanging out on Earth. Interesting, though logical considering the Tauri are considered somewhat of the big fish right now. BTW, I like the actors voice. Nice to actually get to hear him instead of having all filtered.
  • So Mitchell gets to be the sidekick this episode.
  • Do it yourself demolition. Make the building the bomb. Heh. Actually, historically speaking this isn’t a new idea. Some nations played with the idea of building nukes into their embassies so they could take out the capital in event of an all out war, Scary what you can learn at University, isn’t it?
  • Shallow moment: Hey, Daniel’s clean-shaven! Didn’t even notice until half way through the episode.
  • Cam finally gets his team. Loved how he just rips Daniel’s tag off and replaces it, silently get Sam’s acceptance, and the lovely head bow from T.
  • Hey, it’s Sam’s old NID guy…and he’s still interested in her.
  • Prometheus again.
  • “Hiding in plain sight.”
  • So we learn a little bit more about Sam’s absense. Taking care of Cassie, her project, stuff with Prometheus, etc.
  • “Not exactly.” *Covers ears as Sam/Jack ‘shippers squee in assumption* In all honesty I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the writers decided to throw the shippers a bone and did have Sam and Jack now dating.
  • Y’know I think I’d be a little P.O.’d about a supposed ally carrying out military operations in my area of space without permission or knowledge.
  • It’s Richie Cunningham! Sorry. But damn if that actor isn’t awfully young looking and the Happy Days reference actually did pop into my head.
  • T’s newest facial expression: Squinting with a raised eyebrow.
  • Use the Prometheus to move the entire building. ROFLOL! Go Mitchell! Seriously, I was laughing like a hyena at this. I know it’s not that funny, but I was.
  • Round: Gerak
  • Multiple Balls…er…Ba’al’s…*mentally thwaps self*…don’t go there. Ha!


Rating: 8.5/10


SGA: Instinct

Like SG1 I was surprised it took me so long to get into the episode, especially this one. In the end I enjoyed this one. They made a good attempt with the twist revealed towards the end, though I had already guessed the truth about half way through the episode as well as the whole explaining Wraith biology without turning the episode into Wraith Biology 101.


Random thoughts/comments:

  • Wow, such hospitality.
  • McKay and Kid. What a pointless short bit. Only slightly amusing but making me cringe more than anything. I dislike the “cute kid” shtick unless it actually has some reasonable impact on the story or characters.
  • Teyla’s spidey senses are tingling wraith sense going off.
  • Who ya gonna call? Wraith Busters! To bad no catchy tune to go along with the title.
  • Anti-Wraith Retrovirus. Say that fast three times.
  • Elia taking the retrovirus. You know that’s going to end badly.
  • Two Docs versus a Wraith? My money’s on the Wraith.
  • Snacking on Shep.
  • Look at wound to beat it into the audience’s head hint that this is going to result in something bad for Sheppard in the future.


Rating: 8.5/10


BSG: Home, Part 2

In which the Adama clan decides to bond while hiking through Canadian forests in a rainstorm.


While I admit I hoped for a little bit more out of this episode it still was excellent, maybe one of the best so far. They finally wrap up the final threads from last season while setting up for the coming storylines to play out that have been introduced this season.


Random thoughts/comments:

  • Rain, rain, mud, more rain.
  • Minor gripe: Where did the Cylons on Kobol go?
  • Interesting. Adama’s very serious about using the Book of Pythia and Roslin’s belief in her visions to help find the Kobol expedition, so much so that a single look from him stops Tigh and Gaeta’s sneering cold. Rightly so. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean you should mock those who do. I noticed Chief was taking the whole thing rather seriously, which fits with the previously mentioned back story of his parents being a priest and an oracle. I also kind of like the part where Adama’s quoting the Zeus warning the leaders about bloodshed and stuff, almost as if he were seeing some parts echoing his own role as Commander of the Fleet.
  • Gates of Hera. I like that.
  • Baltar and Nekkid Six Prison Sex? Please, no.*pause* Thank you.
  • “You’re just crazy.”
  • “Adar was a moron.” Ha! The other side of pre-Holocaust Colonial politics.
  • The high G effects on Adama and Billy. *snerk*
  • While it’s nice Kara is now opening up about some of the events on Caprica, Roslin has a point about concentrating on the Kobol mission at the moment. You feel sorry for Kara though because you can really see that she wants to mount a rescue op to the Colonies.
  • Doc Cottle! Yay! Love the snarky walking smoke stack.
  • “Will you stop going crazy in there?”
  • Apollo really hates Sharon at this time doesn’t he? So much so that he automatically labels Helo as a potential enemy as well, even with Starbuck defending him.
  • Zarek actually starting to have some doubts about his plan?
  • Meyers trying to play Sharon.
  • Reunion time. *contented sigh* Nice, familial, loving, sweet. And without being ridiculously saccharine.
  • Adama and Sharon scene was kind of freakishly intense. The intensity on Adama’s face and then his attack on Sharon was just…wow. You realize Adama wasn’t kidding about the rage he had in him just wanting out. EJO and GP did a great job with this.
  • What’s with the subtle (unintentional?) flipping of the bird, Gaius?
  • I kind of liked the short respite scene, where everyone’s just kind of kicking back with Adama and Roslin chatting, reconnecting, using each other’s first names and forgiving. I especially liked the look the pair gives Kara and Lee chatting by the fire. Major parental love vibes going on there. You know things aren’t going to be smooth, but at least there is a better understanding between them now.
  • Comment on Kara and Lee this episode: Lee seems much more relaxed and in control with Kara around, even somewhat happy by the looks of the fireside glimpse. Even before Adama showed up Kara’s presence seems to have gotten Lee back in balance (or at least restrained) with his emotions. Kara too seems a bit more relaxed and chatty with Lee as well. I guess they both realize they need each other’s support more than they were willing to admit to before.
  • Poor Chief. Poor Helo. Both connected to the same Cylon. Could be a really frakked up triangle there.
  • Zarek willing to bide his time and back off his plans now “Zeus” has arrived, like the smart politician/terrorist he is. Too bad his partner isn’t as equally patient. Really Meyers was stupid. They know Roslin is dying, so why not wait and make a new drive for the Presidency then.
  • Sharon’s whole plan for taking out Meyers was obvious to me as a viewer, but still played well on screen.
  • Kara’s frustration at trying to open the Tomb. Hee!
  • Good ol’ man power to get the Tomb open. I liked that they didn’t have some fancy doohicky and had to open the Tomb of Athena by sheer physical strength.
  • Wow, cool holography. I want one of those.
  • Standing on earth…a map and a direction…
  • Comment on the map and tomb: I liked how it wasn’t anyone person that played a key in finding, locating, or solving the whole map to Earth problem. I know a lot of fans insisted/hoped Lee would play a key role because of his call sign but I was glad that creators took a slightly different way instead having Lee point them in the right direction after everyone else had deciphered the symbols to the map and the maps origin point followed by Adama noting that the first destination was a great distance away from Kobol. In essence everyone had the bits of info needed to put everything together. I liked that. Fit well with the over all episode theme of unification and working together.
  • Adama’s unequivocal support for Roslin after reinstating/reintroducing her as President. Seemed truly sincere to me. Loved Tigh’s sort of put-out expression but he just follows Adama’s lead. Loved the rather disgruntled looks of both Zarek and Baltar. The smiles on the faces of Lee, Kara, and Roslin were…cute, sweet, I dunno, just yeah.


Rating: 9.3/10