Some randomness about my life

I've been busy lately, which seems pretty much the norm nowadays. Had some trouble for a few days between the computer crashing, my ISP annoying doing an systems "update" for three and half days (Why? IDK), and nearly breaking my damned fool leg while repainting the trim on the house. The first two were a bit annoying and the third I can actually look back on and laugh mainly because I didn't break my leg (or anything else). Daylight savings is here again...or is it gone? Hard to remember since we don't bother with it here in Arizona. The only way it effects me here is that some television shows move back one hour at this time of year. A mild annoyance, but one easily adjusted to. I should start paying attention to it more since I do plan on leaving the state at some point and moving elsewhere, preferably in the Pacific Northwest. The one annoying thing about the computer crashing was it happened the day before my usual weekly backup. This meant I lost one weeks worth of writing and revision on some original stories and some fanfic, particularly my final revisions for the Haven fanfic The Whistler. While I haven't mentioned them much I've been watching my usual shows for the Fall season: Bones, Psych, Sanctuary, and Fringe while dipping into some others to try out like Grimm. Maybe it's just me but a lot of shows seem a little stale this season, like maybe they've peaked. Many of these I suspect are on their last season anyway. Others seem to have some potential but haven't quite got their footing yet. We'll see how it goes. Maybe its the seemingly unending bad economy I see crushing my neighbors or the continuing cost of living increases making it near impossible for friends to do anything but just barely get by or the rampant corruption in our nation's business and governments but so far for this coming holiday season I am not thankful and certainly not interested in hearing the shills and the "buy, buy, buy" mantras of businesses when most people I know saying "hire, hire, hire". I guess I'm just frustrated at seeing more people in my neighborhood who've worked hard their entire lives losing their homes/businesses/livelihoods because of increased costs and  employers are either not hiring when they are able to or hiring at 1/3 or even 1/3 of what they should be paying their employees. I myself am tired of feeling like I'm barely eking out an existence as a contractor/freelancer, unable to really do the things I would like (which are by no means extravagant or lavish or expensive). And while I am grateful I've been able to weather the economic storm, I feel my anger growing at seeing so many of my friends and family's talents and skills being shunted aside and wasted from their fields for no real reason. Businesses complain they can't get workers, yet the workers are there. It seems like what they really mean is they don't want to pay a fair wage for their workers. So, yeah, I'm not exactly feeling all that thankful for the coming season. Perhaps my feelings will change as I was much more optimistic a few weeks ago than now.