Gleeful round up

I'm gleeful this evening. Very gleeful. First there is the very thud-worthy Jamie Bamber pic. *wipes drool from chin* *squee!* Second, Ausiello revealing Christpher Eccleston is joining the cast of Heroes. EEEEE!!!! Third, found some interesting recipes for Chinese food I want to try. Fourth, two job interviews in a week. Yay! Fifth, I got some vidding done. Woohoo. Sixth, totally aced exams. Seventh, still having fun with Usenet. Eighth, finally ripped some of my CDs to mp3 so I can load 'em up on the mp3 player. GLEE!

Dr Who, JB and CPS, and Farscape Icons

Doctor Who Season Finale Wow. It's hard to believe that tomorrow air the first of the two part season closer for Doctor Who. I know there's only something like 13 episodes but it seems like it wasn't that long ago we saw the series opener "Rose". Still, I'm looking forward to seeing "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways". Everything I've heard says they're very good. Hopefully Sci Fi Channel (or some other channel in the States) will decide to pick up and air the next season of Doctor Who. It was fun watching Jamie Bamber on Celebrity Poker...