Miscellaneous thoughts

The foundation creeks.Distorted in the maelstrom Lay funeral pyres.Billy Mays has joined the list of recent celebrities to have died. Just seems kind of weird is all. I can almost here it now: "Billy Mays Here...In Heaven" or some such phrase. RIP Billy Mays.I remember why I like blog-surfing on WordPress again: so many different people and experiences and opinions expressed. Some mundane, others touching, and some completely engrossing. I should also really get back to posting science, aerospace, and other tech things there.I should really make some new icons for LJ. The current ones I'm using are okay but...

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett died at the age of 62 after a long battle with cancer. She fought a good fight against a disease not often taken serious compared to other forms of cancer. I hope her documented final days will change that and inspire others. She will always be remembered for her role in "Charlie's Angels" and her Emmy nominee performance in the then controversial television move, "The Burning Bed".Music icon Michael Jackson also passed away today after apparently suffering a cardiac arrest. Spanning generations for his musical talent Jackson is deserving of the moniker the King of Pop, regardless of...

Alas, Six and “Khaaaaaaannnn!”

As I learned today via SyFy Portal Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan have died.Ricardo Montalban Dies at 88 Known for a variety of roles including popular roles on "Fantasy Island" to "Star Trek".Patrick McGoohan Dies at 80 Best known as "The Prisoner"'s number Six, I remember him from "Scanners" and "Braveheart".May both rest in peace.

RIP Majel Barrett Roddenberry

FIRST LADY OF STAR TREK" MAJEL BARRETT RODDENBERRY PASSES AWAY AT THE AGE OF 76 | News - Roddenberry ProductionsI"m stunned and saddened to hear of Mrs. Roddenberry's passing away this morning. While she will be best remembered for her part of the Star Trek dynasty, I will also remember her for the other Roddenberry programs she helped get developed, Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda. She will be missed. I hope the forthcoming Star Trek movie will be dedicated to her memory.It's been a number of years since I wiled away my time at Gene Roddenberry's Philosophysphere (before it was...

Robert Prosky Dies

Robert Prosky dead at 77I best remember him from the movie Christine and the television series Hill Street Blues when I was a kid. and later as an adult in Last Action Hero and Mrs. Doubtfire among others.Rest in peace, Mr. Prosky.

Farewell Don S. Davis

I was saddened to hear one of my favorite actors, Don S. Davis, passed away 29 June 2008. He is perhaps recently best known for his role as General Hammond on Stargate SG-1, I fondly remember his other parts, both large and small, in shows/movies like Psych, The Dead Zone, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and A League of Their Own. He will be missed.