Site News: August 4, 2017

Just some minor news for the day: The website's galleries are back up, though content is still limited as we recover lost data and files. Working on an issue with the drop down menu on the main page being overly sensitive and/or not always working for all site visitors. Preparations underway to integrate the Embertail's Guild Wars blog and the ThirdsphereNet Youtube channel. Hoping everyone will like the reworked intro for the site videos. That's all for now. --KG

Thirdsphere Update

The Thirdsphere Fiction Archive has been updated with some of my old Farscape fics: Eating CompanionsFlightA Flutter In the DarkFarscraps #1 (How Many Miles to Babylon, Untitled #2, FS#1 Haiku, Not What We See)Farscraps #2 (FS#2 Untitled, Rainfall)Farscraps #3 (Tides, I Will Remember)More to be added soon.