Thirdsphere Update 03/22/2010

New updates at ThirdsphereNet. Administrative Fixed color error on download detail pages. Thanks to the visitors who pointed them out.Corrected "Latest Downloads" to "Popular Downloads". Projects New web template: GlozzSphere. A dark CSS and graphics template. Downloads New downloads added. Fonts: PakamaraShadowVorlonBabylon 5 Collection 1 (A compilation of Babylon Industrial, Narn2, Minbari, Pakmara, Shadow, and Vorlon)Layouts: Omega SimpleGlozzSphere Poll Current Poll:  Summer 2010 Masthead Forthcoming Planned Updates Moya, Farscape, and Delvian fonts.

Thirdsphere Update 03/21/2010

Updates for ThirdsphereNet Latest changes: New Features Downloads section now available for use. All visitors may download filed but only member may upload files to repository. Latest available downloads: Babylon Industrial True Type FontMinbari True Type FontAlpha Web Page LayoutEpsilon (Octagonal Simple) Web Page LayoutNew Poll Vote for the Thirdsphere Summer 2010 Masthead design ideas. Coming soon: Web Layouts: Gamma (2007), Tekniq (2009), GlozzSphere (2010) Fonts: Farscape, Moya, Delvian Script, Narn2, Pakmara, Shadow, Vorlon, and the AIVFonts collection (the collected Babylon 5 fonts originally used at B5Crusader's Alien Languages Index page).

Thirdsphere Update

Updated the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive with more Farscape stories:FS-Shorts Series (The Stars Are Cold, Razorblade, On the Benefits of Raslac, Say What?)Fragments: Red. Black. White.Fuzzy Dice (GvsE crossover, PG-13 and R versions)The Good ShipThe Gunslingers of MoyaHollow EyesA Hop, A Skip, and A Jiggity-JigHunter's MoonI'll Get ByLetting GoMy KingdomNe Humanus Crede