Site News: August 4, 2017

Just some minor news for the day: The website's galleries are back up, though content is still limited as we recover lost data and files. Working on an issue with the drop down menu on the main page being overly sensitive and/or not always working for all site visitors. Preparations underway to integrate the Embertail's Guild Wars blog and the ThirdsphereNet Youtube channel. Hoping everyone will like the reworked intro for the site videos. That's all for now. --KG

Site News: Ongoing Rebuild

The rebuilding of ThirdsphereNet's content continues. Content from the old Livejournal nlog has been successfully imported as well as some reviews which are in the process of being reorganized and tagged as needed. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

Thirdsphere Update 03/22/2010

New updates at ThirdsphereNet. Administrative Fixed color error on download detail pages. Thanks to the visitors who pointed them out.Corrected "Latest Downloads" to "Popular Downloads". Projects New web template: GlozzSphere. A dark CSS and graphics template. Downloads New downloads added. Fonts: PakamaraShadowVorlonBabylon 5 Collection 1 (A compilation of Babylon Industrial, Narn2, Minbari, Pakmara, Shadow, and Vorlon)Layouts: Omega SimpleGlozzSphere Poll Current Poll:  Summer 2010 Masthead Forthcoming Planned Updates Moya, Farscape, and Delvian fonts.

Thirdsphere Update 03/21/2010

Updates for ThirdsphereNet Latest changes: New Features Downloads section now available for use. All visitors may download filed but only member may upload files to repository. Latest available downloads: Babylon Industrial True Type FontMinbari True Type FontAlpha Web Page LayoutEpsilon (Octagonal Simple) Web Page LayoutNew Poll Vote for the Thirdsphere Summer 2010 Masthead design ideas. Coming soon: Web Layouts: Gamma (2007), Tekniq (2009), GlozzSphere (2010) Fonts: Farscape, Moya, Delvian Script, Narn2, Pakmara, Shadow, Vorlon, and the AIVFonts collection (the collected Babylon 5 fonts originally used at B5Crusader's Alien Languages Index page).

New Thirdsphere Banner

Updated ThirdsphereNet's banner with a new one based on winter scene to be more in keeping with the season. (Even if Arizona's been unusually warm this year.) Created with the Gimp. Inspired by Guild Wars: Eye of the North with my own little science fiction tweak added in.