Thirdsphere Update 03/21/2010

Updates for ThirdsphereNet Latest changes: New Features Downloads section now available for use. All visitors may download filed but only member may upload files to repository. Latest available downloads: Babylon Industrial True Type FontMinbari True Type FontAlpha Web Page LayoutEpsilon (Octagonal Simple) Web Page LayoutNew Poll Vote for the Thirdsphere Summer 2010 Masthead design ideas. Coming soon: Web Layouts: Gamma (2007), Tekniq (2009), GlozzSphere (2010) Fonts: Farscape, Moya, Delvian Script, Narn2, Pakmara, Shadow, Vorlon, and the AIVFonts collection (the collected Babylon 5 fonts originally used at B5Crusader's Alien Languages Index page).

New Thirdsphere Banner

Updated ThirdsphereNet's banner with a new one based on winter scene to be more in keeping with the season. (Even if Arizona's been unusually warm this year.) Created with the Gimp. Inspired by Guild Wars: Eye of the North with my own little science fiction tweak added in.

Thirdsphere Update

Updated the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive with more Farscape stories:FS-Shorts Series (The Stars Are Cold, Razorblade, On the Benefits of Raslac, Say What?)Fragments: Red. Black. White.Fuzzy Dice (GvsE crossover, PG-13 and R versions)The Good ShipThe Gunslingers of MoyaHollow EyesA Hop, A Skip, and A Jiggity-JigHunter's MoonI'll Get ByLetting GoMy KingdomNe Humanus Crede

It’s the season…

Ah, the yearly web site complaint... I was wondring if I was actually going to go an entire year with nary a peep. Guess not. 😀 Apparently someone filed a complaint against ThirdsphereNet with the web host. Happily the web host administrator found no violations of TOS. Duh, why would I want to do that? I've been operating Thirdsphere (since 1999) and it's previous incarnations (B5Crusader's Babylon 5 Page, Gray's Void, Blacklion's Den, et al) since 1992. This has been happening at least once a year on a yearly basis since 2000, so I'm used to it. For all I...

Crossing Back

Cross the river Styx,Sailing from darkness to light...Oh wait, never mind.Okay, I'm going to try (once more) to get myself posting regularly here about assorted science fiction, television, and so on, starting now. So what brief topics of discussion....Thirdsphere.Net is back, albeit in somewhat disarray while I work on the entirely new design for the site. I hate the current temporary skin I'm using for the main area but it'll do for now. I'll be trying to update that site's content again, at least once a week. Probably on the weekends.Brief Science Fiction and Television Fandom and News CommentsSci Fi...

Fannish stuff

After hours of grueling coding (okay, not that grueling, more tedious) and more than a few foul epithets I finally solved the issues I had with the skin I was working on for my eFiction based Thirdsphere Fiction Archive. I hate debugging especially when you discover the problem isn't your skin but several variables in the proggy's code that actually very simple to alter. Doh! I should update to the newer version of eFiction but it's just my own writing so I don't really feel especially compelled to do so. Now, if I was still running the Skrillwerks Fiction Archive,... News

I've decided to temporarily move back to a free server in order to save money. Over the next few days the domain will simply be parked until the temp site is fully established. Member area, log-in, and files may be unavailable during the next week or so. I intend to return to regular server once my employment situation is resolved. ThirdsphereNet is not affected by this change in any way, shape, or form.

Yin and Yang

Yin I was informed today that I and three others are being laid off due to a slowdown in available projects. So basically the four newest employees were released. So friday is the last day there. Kind of bummed about it, but not really upset. Just opens up other opportunities. Yang I went ahead and jumped the gun on updating ThirdsphereNet again. This time was just adding the new default scheme, XTC-Black from SevenofNine and Jae_9,  I intend to use until I finish working on the Thirdsphere-Alpha theme. I'll also continue the security updates and patching tomorrow evening since everything...

Taming the Beast

I finally updated the Thirdsphere image archive with another fifty or so icons and bits of artwork, including adding a BSG wallpaper I did sometime back July of 2006 titled Taming the Beast. The image may be viewed here. I also changed the skin to something easier on the eyes. More updates there in the coming days.