Thirdsphere Update

Finally got the downloads section working at ThirdsphereNet. Woot! But... *grumbles about nettlesome coding*'s not open for the public yet while I redo the CSS code to be actually readable and not blind site visitors. :p So soon the oft promised downloads page will be done and available for visitors.

Thirdsphere note and randomness

Thirdsphere Update It seems the web site hosts has ThirdsphereNet back up and running, though a bit slowly. So yay for that. I think I'll wait until tomorrow or this weekend to finish the planned updates and new poll. Randomness "I am the electric Buddha." That freakin' phrase has been running around my head all day thanks to a whacked out dream last night where my cat said that line to me. O.o I have no idea where the phrase came from but hopefully it'll now go away. Legend of the Seeker fanfic note LotS fic is going well (and...

Sites of the past

I got a strange email today from someone wanting to buy, the old domain I used to have for my Farscape peacekeeper website. Obviously a strange e-mail given that I have up a couple of years ago and it's now owned by a domain reseller. Not sure which one since they use Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. to hide their information. Likely the email just a wanna-be scammer using out of date information given the circumstances and the procedure to obtain a domain name. Still, it made for an amusing read, if nothing else. It did remind me...

Fannish stuff

After hours of grueling coding (okay, not that grueling, more tedious) and more than a few foul epithets I finally solved the issues I had with the skin I was working on for my eFiction based Thirdsphere Fiction Archive. I hate debugging especially when you discover the problem isn't your skin but several variables in the proggy's code that actually very simple to alter. Doh! I should update to the newer version of eFiction but it's just my own writing so I don't really feel especially compelled to do so. Now, if I was still running the Skrillwerks Fiction Archive,... News

I've decided to temporarily move back to a free server in order to save money. Over the next few days the domain will simply be parked until the temp site is fully established. Member area, log-in, and files may be unavailable during the next week or so. I intend to return to regular server once my employment situation is resolved. ThirdsphereNet is not affected by this change in any way, shape, or form.

Taming the Beast

I finally updated the Thirdsphere image archive with another fifty or so icons and bits of artwork, including adding a BSG wallpaper I did sometime back July of 2006 titled Taming the Beast. The image may be viewed here. I also changed the skin to something easier on the eyes. More updates there in the coming days.