The sphere is returning

*shock* *gasp* Two posts in two days!. (j/k. I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting to this poor neglected LJ at least once a day as ell as get back to reading and commenting on others LJs.) Anyway, if all goes as planned the Thirdsphere.Net relaunch will happen January 1, 2009. I've let pass into fandom history (if anyone even remembers it, lol) and will be archiving the old site with Thirdsphere. Right now in the final graphics touch ups and debugging to all segments except the fiction archive. After much consideration I decided to redo the entire fiction archive with the newer eFiction 3.0 to replace the old 2.0 I had originally used. The CMS I migrated the site to, Joomla,  seems much better secure and integrated than the previous PHP-Nuke CMS, though I find the administration somewhat overly complicated for certain areas. Hopefully visitors will find the updated look and usage more appealing than the previous incarnation. T-27 days until Thirdsphere v3.0.