Thirdsphere news

I'm behind in my intended update of the Thirdsphere website, but progress is being made. Technically I suppose it's ready for use, but there are some sections I still want to tweak a bit. Here's the addy for those who'd like to take a look at the changes so far: Thirdsphere. There's still some bugs but I'm particularly interested in what the BSG and Farscape fans think of the newly reworked areas of the site.

Changes made to the site:
  • Switched to Joomla CMS from PHP-Nuke
  • Updated Fiction archive from eFiction 2.0 to eFiction 3.0. Also renamed it the subtitle to "Flights of Fancy"
  • Reworked BSG, Babylon 5, Farscape, and EFC pages. Skrill's EFC and the Skrillwerks have been merged together.
  • Central Command (formerly is in the process of being re-merged into A Scapering We Go.
  • Eliminated Forums since all it did was attract bots and script kiddies.
  • Eliminated Coppermine Gallery for Easy Gallery.
At the moment I'm still aslo trying to decide whether to put "Flights of Fancy" under the main menu with the gallery and reviews or under the fandom section. I suppose I should put it under the sections, since I use that area to denote sub-sites of Thirdsphere.

In some ways I like the Joomla CMS I moved to from PHP-Nuke a whole lot better, but other things make me wonder what code happy programmer got his hands on the CMS. Heh. Overall though, I like it. I'm still working through making an original Joomla template for Thirdsphere. In the meantime I'm using a my slight modification of the lunarized version of rhuk's solarflare.

For eFiction 3.0 I'm working on a new skin: 3sphere-simple. So far it seems to being well. If it comes out well, I'll get to adapting skins I used for eFiction 2.0, particularly Web30 (aka Slanty) and W3Raptor (a BSG inspired mod of Web30). I'm not going to convert the old 2.0 3sphere or Colonial1 since those are really simple and could easily be replicated using other skins, including 3sphere-simple.