Thirdsphere Update 04/30/2006

This week at ThirdsphereNet: New Poll: Favorite Science Fiction Vessel - Vote for your favorite SciFi vessel. Is it the Galactica, Moya, the Enterprise, or something else. Go vote and let us know. Voting is open to all site visitors. Review: Doctor Who "Father's Day" - Gray3 gives a quick review of the recent U.S. aired Doctor Who episode "Father's Day". Spoiler warning for U.S. residents! Also I've decided that since site security seems to be working properly now that visitors and members alike may now post reviews, comments, and take part in other activities on the site. All of these activities will be monitored and if restrictions put back into place should abuse occur.

2 thoughts on “Thirdsphere Update 04/30/2006

  1. ?

    Leviathan? What show is that from?

    1. Re: ?

      Leviathan? What show is that from?

      From Farscape. Moya is a Leviathan. I probably should go and edit the poll and add Moya’s name behind Leviathan so visitors arent confused.

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