ThirdsphereNet update

Well, it looks like the new incarnation of ThirdsphereNet is going well even if I feel like my brain is melting from all the coding, uploading, tweaking, and such to get everything back up and running. I think it will be worth it when all is said and done. Still organizing everything and working on all the internals to the site but it's looking pretty decent. For those interested or would like to give some suggestions/feedback you can see the site at the following temporary addy: ThirdsphereNet. There isn't much there on the main page yet and I haven't activated the main site links block so unfortunately you cannot access any of the major subsites (A Scapering We Go, Distant Skies BSG Page, Thirdsphere Fiction Archive, Skrill's EFC Page, etc.) currently. Hopefully everything the DNS will be resolved soon and the site fully up and running by the end of this weekend.

One thought on “ThirdsphereNet update

  1. ThirdsphereNet looks great. Very professional. Good luck with it.

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