T:SCC Ep. 5: Queen’s Gambit

Beware: Possible Spoilers Under Cut!

Queen's Gambit


Sarah meets up with Andy who had entered his computer into a chess competition with the prize being a Defense contract and leads to an encounter with a man connected to Sarah and John.

Assorted Comments

Chess is nice and all for learning simple strategy and tactics, but in modern warfare it is little indication of how well someone will or will not be able to think strategically or tactically. I hate when people imply learning chess makes you some great military thinker as the writers did.. Okay I know they're just trying to tie in previous episode, The Turk, and potentially SkyNet.

So looks like Andy got whacked before Sarah had the chance to try and tell him the whole deal involving SkyNet and the Turk is gone. The only mildly annoying abou the whole thing (and the series really) is the new "touchy feely" Sarah Conner portrayal. I think, in the writer's efforts, to soften the character up and make her supposedly more relateable they've stripped away much of the determination and drive in equal amounts for combat and warfare as in personal matters and relationships that made the Sarah Connor character a Sci Fi icon. You can be more relateable and "human" without losing determination and drive.

I did get some amusement at Cameron getting grief counseling over the girl who committed suicide at the high school, given that as a machine she had not developed a sense of grief or emotion in general.

Nice little nod to bring in Kyle Reese's brother, Derek. The whole rescue attempt was leaning a bit towards...I dunno, boring? pedantic? It just seemed to lack something while I was watching it.

Rating: 7.0/10.0