TV Review: Stargate Universe “Light”

Warning: Spoilers below the cut! Stargate Universe Ep 05 “Light” Plot: The crew must decide who will be chosen to escape on the Destiny’s only working shuttlecraft. Viewing Commentary:
  • Ah, an old goody plot device for creating tension: make a situation that requires some be chosen to survive while the rest die.
  • So Sgt. Greer likes the idea that if he has to die than dying by flying into a star is a good way.
  • “We’re having another bad day.”
  • Three potential planets to choose from. Wanna bet they’ll trot out the “Goldilocks Zone”?
  • Lottery for survivors aside from two people. My bets: Lt. Scott and TJ.
  • No surprise really about Chloe and Matt hooking up.
  • “These are the wrong people.”
  • A look into human nature and the desire to live.
  • Is it sweet or sad that Lt. Scott naively thinks Chloe would be selected as the second person guaranteed a slot on the shuttle?
  • Yep, called the Goldilocks zone.
  • I’m suspicious of Rush’s pulling himself out of the lottery.
  • Lucky Lottery winners: Airmen Becker, David Walters, Camille Brae (sp?), Lt. James, Dr. Park, Mr. Brody, Sgt. Riley, Dr. Looman (sp?)
  • Requisite near riot over not being selected, which actually rings true.
  • Cue waiting to die montage: playing cards, praying, Rush reading, watching the sun, naked zen warrior pose.
  • Of course nothing is wrong as the ship starts powering up as it recharges of the star.
  • Sgt Riley’s birthday.
  • Cool f/x of flying into sun.
  • Rush: “I’ve never been more pleased to be wrong in all my life.”
  • So, now they need to recover the shuttle. Wanna bet they need to do some gravity boost maneuver?
  • Math!boy.
  • Yep, slingshot maneuver. (AE Sidenote: Trust me, such a thing is more difficult that it may seem.)
  • Bumpy landing.
  • Rush: Killjoy.
Actually I thought this episode was pretty decent and engaging in spite of the somewhat cliché plot mechanics. A few more like this and I might actually enjoy this series more than I do at the moment. I do like that they’re trying to keep it grounded with some hard science. Rating: 8.0/10.00