TV Reviews: Stargate Universe “Earth”

Warning: Spoilers below the cut! Stargate Universe 1.07 “Earth” Plot: A high risk operation may be able capable of returning the crew of Destiny to Earth. Viewing Commentary:
  • Seems the Colonel and TJ have something going on, an affair it seems.
  • Homeworld Command. Appropriate but lame sounding.
  • RDA! Colonel General O’Neil.
  • A dangerous idea is presented on how to get the crew back.
  • Nice to see Colonel Young stand up for himself and the crew against the folks back on Earth.
  • Too bad Wray is conniving.
  • Obviously, real goal of mission is to reclaim Destiny for a “proper” team.
  • Crew discussing the idea.
  • So Chloe and Eli get to use the communications stones.
  • Heh. Telford honestly thinks he can force the plan through on board while holding on to old grudges. Idiot.
  • Nameless AF dude gets it: “You don’t have to tell her.”
  • Eli as Philip Fry, posing as Eli’s friend for his mom, explains what’s happening.
  • Poor Riley. Gets blown up for trying to fix coolant leak.
  • Eli gets hit on.
  • Chloe realizes her friends are pathetic and lame.
  • Telford gets a shock switching back into his body as Young’s having sex with the (ex-) wife.
  • Entering/leaving FTL apparently interrupts the communication stones.
  • “You’re a good friend.” Words no one wants to hear from someone they like as more than a friend.
  • Into the sun, again.
  • Attempting dial out to Earth, which naturally starts a failure of systems.
  • Telford and Co flee like cowards.
  • Nice, a conspiracy to rid themselves of Telford and Co. Turns out to be right considering Telford is as cowardly as you can get.
  • Eli told to learn all he can so they can confirm whether Rush is lying about things or not.
  • Telford horning in on Young’s ex?
I didn’t find “Earth” particularly interesting, aside from a few moments here and there. A bit of a disappointment from the previous episode. Rating: 7.0/10.0