WGA Strike

Obviously it's been some time since I posted here and at my other two blogs, the Gravity Well (my graphical blog) and Gray's Thirdsphere Blog (my general blog). Despite my desire to post more often, life just seems to be getting in the way. I'm trying (one again) to make at least one post day here (or at the Well or TS Blog).

WGA Strike

I have to say I am rather impressed with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) and it's members. I'm even more impressed with the support they've received from executive producers, actors, and other related industry workers despite the risks, as summed up Ron D. Moore's recent blog post on production of Battlestar Galactica shutting down. They're taking a big gamble, but I believe the WGA will win in this dispute. Fair compensation for fair work. It's a simple enough concept that too many companies see to want to disappear.

Obviously, I support the WGA position in these negotiations. And apparently so do many more people. I am quite impressed at how enthusiastically fans from such a broad spectrum of shows have shown their support, particularly the creative Pencils2MediaMoguls effort. (And yes I already sent my pencils.)

It's really quite impressive how much the Internet can draw people together to disseminate information and join together in common cause. The Save Farscape campaign was quite impressive for it's time. Seeing the WGA support from the internet is just that more impressive.

Battlestar Galactica & Other Shows

Like many fans I'm not thrilled by the WGA strike putting hold to my favorite TV shows, like BSG, but I'd rather have those who create these show's stories continue to do so knowing that they are fairly compensated to do so. I suspect much of the recent lack of quality writing and stories coming out of the studios is directly related to knowing they won't be compensated fairly. Why offer up brilliant ideas and stories to a company who may make an impressive profit off of it only to get a mere pittance in renumeration.

The strike, however, has not put a damper on my enthusiasm for the new episodes still airing for the handful of shows I watch regularly. In particular I'm looking forward to the forthcoming Battlestar Galactica telemovie, Razor, and the remaining new episodes of Heroes.

Hopefully, the whole situation will resolve itself quickly and in an equitable fashion. But, given recent attitudes by the CEOs of the major studios I suspect the strike may be a long one.