= patent trolls

Like many MMO game fans I'm disgusted by suit against NCSoft over virtual world and massively multi-player online playing technology. They are definitely deserving of the nickname "patent trolls". Fortunately it is unlikely will get anywhere, as prior attempts of such claims have failed with their suit despite their (  attorney's claims to the contrary. It's likely to get dismissed under prior art as has been noted by several different analysts, observers, and assorted gaming experts and fenn.  If not, I suspect we'll see unprecedented cooperation from the gaming companies to crush these little trolls.

So all  you gamers from Guild Wars to World or Warcraft keep a weather eye out for other losers looking to make a quick buck through frivolous lawsuits.

Personally I think's products are garbage anyway compared to other MMOs and assorted virtual worlds, which is probably the real reason for the suit. They can't compete so they attempt to shakedown companies that can in an effort to save themselves from eventual failure.