Site Update 7 March 2021

Started working on some updates to the site, mostly background and security items visitors will likely notice. Hopefully we'll be producing content again on a regular basis for our visitors. Key items being worked: Story ArchiveReview - primarily coming up with a suitable way to view old reviews since it would take too long to reformat and reload over a decade of reviews into the current adopted review system.

Review: BSG 4.08: Sine Qua Non

Repost. Original Post Date: 05/31/2008 BSG Ep. 4.08: "Sine Qua Non" Plot: Roslin and the rebel cylon baseship's sudden disappearance creates repercussions throughout the Fleet, especially for the Adamas. Viewing Commentary: Six trying to project while she was dying was interesting. And it was touching that Cottle offered his hand to her as she was dying. Wow. Didn't realize Adama hated Zarek that much. I say hate since his feelings seem to go beyond mere distrust or dislike. Naturally the Quorum is upset when Lee acknowledges that his father won't recognize Zarek as President. Zarek is rightfully pissed off, though...

Site News: New Year 2020

2020 rings in a new year and a new decade! It seems appropriate that today is National Science Fiction day (and famed writer Isaac Asimov's birthday) to say that I'm going to try and get ThirdsphereNet back to contributing regular content and articles once more, though there may be less in quantity. I have many ideas I'm hoping I'll be able to share over the coming year. Hope everyone has an awesome 2020! Karolyn Gray, Site Admin

Site News: August 4, 2017

Just some minor news for the day: The website's galleries are back up, though content is still limited as we recover lost data and files. Working on an issue with the drop down menu on the main page being overly sensitive and/or not always working for all site visitors. Preparations underway to integrate the Embertail's Guild Wars blog and the ThirdsphereNet Youtube channel. Hoping everyone will like the reworked intro for the site videos. That's all for now. --KG

VLD Season 3 Quick Thoughts (Spoilers)

Warning! The following post contains some spoilers for season 3 of Voltron Legendary Defender Do not click Read More if you're trying to avoid spoilers Voltron Season 3 Love the return of the show, even if the season is a short one, episode wise. Mainly this post is to get some thoughts off my mind but not blow up the twitter feed with the spoilery spammage of scintillating story that season 3 has sparked. Quick points: Musical chairs with the lions has commenced, without the music. I really like this version of Lotor, reminds me of GoLion's Sincline before getting...

Site News: Ongoing Rebuild

The rebuilding of ThirdsphereNet's content continues. Content from the old Livejournal nlog has been successfully imported as well as some reviews which are in the process of being reorganized and tagged as needed. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

CSS Code #1

Opacity CSS Code A collection of CSS Code snippets. CSS Code Set #1 contains code of opacity, eliminating border outlines, and resetting web pages. Repost. Originally posted 8/12/2011. This is a cross browser CSS code that results in a 50% opacity to what ever it is applied to (i.e. images, links) Some of the code included is CSS 3 and may not work in some browsers.', ' The CSS Code:   .my-opacity {     filter:alpha(opacity=50); /* msie */     -moz-opacity: 0.50; /* firefox 1.0 */     -khtml-opacity: 0.50; /* webkit */ opacity: 0.50; /* css 3 */   } Please...

Мои твиты

Чт, 15:06: Back after a few busy days. Busy but looking promising. Now to catch up on tweets and such. Чт, 15:07: RT @GuildWars2: The 8th Profession has arrived! Go check out the details at! #GW2 #GuildWars2 ~RB Чт, 15:08: Pretty stoked that the 8th #GuildWars2 profession is a Mesmer after recently started to play one in GW. Чт, 15:09: RT @GWInsider: ArenaNet Announces Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta: December 16th | Guild Wars Insider #GW2 #GuildWars2 #Ar ... Чт, 15:13: Recent GW2 news and Wintersday event has me eager to getting some game time in on...