Sci Fi Friday Reviews (Firefly, SG1, SGA, BSG)

Warning: Spoilers!! Well Firefly is still looking better than I remember it. I’m still not particularly fond of the first two episodes (or more properly, the 2 hour series pilot). Not much I can add to last weeks comments. Extra half point because of the Reavers. I always thought the Reavers were a delightfully dark, if not terrifying, element on Firefly that gave the show a truly menacing force that was lacking in all the rest of the “bad guys” presented in the series: the Alliance, the criminal syndicates, and the outer colony “elites”. After watching the trailer for Serenity...

Sci Fi Friday Ratings

The ratings for last weeks episodes are in: Firefly                             1.3 Stargate SG-1                2.1 Stargate Atlantis           2.0 Battlestar Galactica      2.0 I'm a bit surprised by BSGs drop in numbers from the season premier but the other three ratings were about what I'd expect them to be. Still, solid numbers all around.

General Science Fiction news

Now I know I haven't been keeping up with what's up in the skiffy world. So here's a round up on interesting Sci Fi News from Warning: Possible Spoilers From Voltron: Defenders of the Universe Movie Ha! I remember loving this show as a kid, silly as it was. I'm actually surprised there is enough interest in Voltron to get it made into a movie considering how long ago the show was on. Or is someone actually airing the thing again? It wasn't exactly the greatest bit of animation ever done and the stories could be really lame,...

Pimpin’ the SG Merch, Yo

Ack. What with me and the wanna-be lame ass gangsta slang? Anyway on to the important stuff....Stargate merchandise. OK, not so much hawking the stuff as passing on the information on release dates. US DVDs (Region 1) Stargate SG-1 Season 8 boxed set               October Stargate Atlantis Season 1 boxed set            November Information from Sony Pitcures Home Entertainment.

Farscape merch note

I was wandering around to various LJs and caught sight of this amusing little tidbit, a new book of essays about Farscape that cover a wide variety of topics. Some where along the line they even got P.N. Elrod involved! Ha! Anyway, the book is titled Farscape Forever!: Sex, Drugs, and Killer Muppets. Might be a fun read. Makes me long for the good ol' days of the Electric Mayhem! (BTW, are there any Scapers that still get this references? 😉 )

Random BSG Musings

Just jotting down some random BSG thoughts that came to mind while browsing various BSG LJs. Ah, so the music played at Kara's apartment was composed/performed by Philip Glass. Interesting little tid bit. BSG spin off, already? Not likely folks, but we'll see. Lee/Laura Shippers. Not knocking you all, but I just don't really see it and I've tried hard. All I see is a really strong friendship and mentoring relationship. I've only read one fanfic that made the romantic relationship angle even remotely plausible but even then left me not quite believing it. But, to each their own. OK....

Reviews for Sci Fi Friday

Another great night of science fiction television was on SciFi Channel. Thoughts on the episodes are behind the cuts. Warning: Spoilers!! (Even for Firefly, which is technically not a new show.) Firefly: Serenity Well after seeing the series pilot again I was surprised that I wasn’t so thoroughly disgusted with the show as I was the first time I saw it. I still like the theme song, though I still can’t help thinking I’m getting ready to watch a western instead of a science fiction show. The dumb redneck cowboys in space angle still annoys me partly because it was...

Scotty Dead at 85

As I'm sure most have heard by now, James Doohan (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on the original Star Trek series) has died earlier today (Wednesday) at his home in Redmond, Washington due to a combination of pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease. Forever to be best remembered as Trek's "Scotty", Doohan (1920-2005) also had roles in a number of movies and television such as the odd 1971 dark-comedy Pretty Maids All in a Row, a stint on Knight Rider 2000, to the horrendous Through Dead Eyes and the 1999 children friendly film The Duke.

BSG, Atlantis, SG-1 ratings

The ratings for SciFi channel season premiere night: Stargate: SG-1          2.1 Stargate: Atlantis       2.2 Battlestar Galactica   2.6 I honestly can't say I'm surprised at the numbers. Not bad for SG1 and Atlantis considering the noteable changes occuring on both shows this season. BSG's numbers I'm not surprised by either, given the continued high production values and stories.
Just continuing my updates for the memories section of my favourite BSG fanfic at various LJs. Seriously considering trying my hand at some BSG fanfic, but thinking I should wait until I've wrapped up the global intelligence essays for school are finished.