Happy Halloween to all you fine people out there. Quiet night here at Casa de Gray, so I'm browsing online while watching the miscellaneous Halloween movies in television. Now, is it a bad thing when you're laughing at was is supposedly a scary movie? The movie in question: Halloween: Resurrection (which I hadn't realized Katee Sackhoff has a part in).

BSG Drabble Pt 2

This is a follow up drabble to last night's BSG drabble, this time from another POV. Again this is just a stream of writing. No spell checks.   Lee felt a small grin pull at his face listening to Kara's tale even though it wasn't intended to be amusing. In fact her story was nothing more than her remembrances of her father. He didn't even bother to consider why she was talking about her father given her past reluctance to speak of her family but just accepted it content to listen to her voice.He could feel some of the pressure, real or imagined on his...


I'm having way too much fun downloading songs from during my trial period with them. At this rate I think I'll stick with them. I can finally indulge in my wide variety of tastes in music once more. Sure there are other online music places but this is the first one that I actually like using. Back to downloading Philip Glass and Louis Armstrong songs.


It's funny. I'm watching the History Channel's Rommel: The Doubter and I suddenly want to re-read The Rommel Papers, one of my favorite military books of all time second only to Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Too bad my copy of The Rommel Papers was destroyed several years ago during a theft. Guess I'll have to see if I can find a copy on eBay or Amazon.

BSG drabble

This is just a drabble that I felt the need to write. There's no real plot or anything. It just kind of flows. Spoilers for Home, Pt 1 & 2. "Something wrong, Laura?" Roslin shook herself out of the sudden reverie she had found herself in watching Captain Apollo sitting hunched over by the fire next to Lieutenant Thrace to look over at Bill Adama. "Excuse me?" Adama gave her a small smile at that. "I asked is there was something wrong. You had a...look." She shook her head. "No, nothing wrong. I just realized something." "Another revelation?" Adama asked lightly, obviously...

BSG Fic: The Dioscuri [Lee Adama, PG]

 Trick or treat. You decide. Title: The Dioscuri Author:   Rating: PG Synopsis: Don’t let him take C causeway no matter what. Type: Supernatural Character(s): Lee Adama Pairing: None. Spoilers: None. Archiving: Yes Word Count: 3,952 Disclaimers: Not mine. RDM said we could play with them. A/N: Okay, so I’ve just broken one of my own fanfic writing rules (holiday fic). *sigh*     The Dioscuri by Karolyn Gray     “…And they all died.”   “Hot Dog, that was the lamest story ever!” Starbuck scoffed in disgust, waving her cards dismissively.   “Not to mention older than Galactica.” Apollo added...

Prelim Presentation

Well the Prelim presentation went as well as could be expected, I guess. I only got called on one thing and that was more my lacking skills in public speaking rather than than the knowledge. Besides, I think Dr RS felt she had to rip on every team member on at least one thing. I know she got a little annoyed when the other reviewers, Dr RM (the AE god!) and Dr L (some uber-phys prof I've never met before) backed my orbit determination & control and my orbit designs. Heh. As far as I'm concerned only those two professor's...
What the freakin' hell am I doing working on tomorrow's presentation at this time of the night/morn? Prelim is teh evol! I also hate the rest of my team for waiting until the last minute to do their work. Le sigh.
Not much happening even though I have about a thousand things to do. Getting annoyed with certain members of the design team again, but that's old hat now. This time it the laziness on the part of certain individuals who then complain that everyone else isn't doing their work, in addition to their sudden decision to change the project once more. They keep it up and Dr RS is going to put a design freeze on the group. Any way, on to other tings. Expect the halloween-supernatural BSG fic I wrote to be posted here sometime this weekend, probably friday...

Skiffy lurve

...ok, maybe not love. I still have't quite forgiven them over the whole Farscape cancellation fiasco, though I rather enjoyed the Save Farscape campaign. Anyway, it looks like Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have been officially renewed for SciFi Channel. Which is good, but what about Battlestar Galactica? Word is BSG is expected to get renewed but this is SFC we're talking about. In the past (some would say present as well) the TV PTB have shown that they lack an understanding of their viewing audiences (and not just of SFC).