Blast From the Past Fic

It's interesting looking over my old fics as I upload them to the new fanfic archive at ThirdsphereNet. It's taking forever to get done, but it's giving me ideas on re-editing fics. Anyway, some old fics I wrote that some may find interesting to read, if nothing else seeing my writing style change over the years. In The Shadow of Giants (Babylon 5) Tidal Forces (Babylon 5) Angel Lights (Earth: Final Conflict)

Possible SAG strike

Normally I could care less about what unions (especially unions tied to Hollywood) are up to but in this case I think the Screen Actor's Guild has some valid points on the cable companies. Sixteen years without a new contract at a time when cable companies were making a killing? (Who ever was running SAG during this time and didn't demand appropriate changes are morons.) So I can see SAG's pov on this issue. I'm all for fair and equitable compensation. That said, I just hope this is all settled without disrupting production of BSG and other shows.

Impending BSG Fic Alert

Wow. I must have been in serious need of creative writing tonight. Why do I say this? Well, I just wrote two new BSG fics, finished a third that was in progress, and I am a chapter away of finishing a fourth BSG fic I've been working off and on for a while. All in two hours. Fic coming soon Melancholy Fly A PG Lee Adama fic set post LDYB 2. ~1566 words One Thousand Deaths G rated story about the Cylon Raider, Scar. ~957 words In Cadmus' Stead NC-17 Slash fic with Apollo/Helo. ~2316 words Bacchanal (tentative title) NC-17...
Taking a break from studying for tomorrow's big midterm exam. Detail Design class is getting kind of annoying, more due to problems with the CATIA model of the satellite than anything else.

Icon Gifts

While screwing around trying to get inspired to work on some graphics for Thirdsphere I ended up making some LJ icons. Many are based upon recent events that have happened in several fandoms over fan wanks, fanfic, and so on. Some of the icons are BSG based some not. Hope you like them. Sample: (11 icons: 6 BSG, 5 non-BSG) #@!! Happily swearing smilie icon. Die MoFo! Nuff said. Glee For those technicolor gleefull moments. Wanker You decide. Yo Say Yo Bad!Fic Cylon The real reason the Cylons destroyed humanity. Made at a request from scar_bsg75. Wank screen You want...
If everything goes well then tomorrow I'll officially announce the opening of Thirdsphere 2.0. I'm sure there will still be a few minor glitches but at least the site will finally be back up and running as it was intended. Hee!