Thirdsphere Update 04/30/2006

This week at ThirdsphereNet: New Poll: Favorite Science Fiction Vessel - Vote for your favorite SciFi vessel. Is it the Galactica, Moya, the Enterprise, or something else. Go vote and let us know. Voting is open to all site visitors. Review: Doctor Who "Father's Day" - Gray3 gives a quick review of the recent U.S. aired Doctor Who episode "Father's Day". Spoiler warning for U.S. residents! Also I've decided that since site security seems to be working properly now that visitors and members alike may now post reviews, comments, and take part in other activities on the site. All of...

Favorite Fandom Quote of the Day

From the BSG board at Hangar Deck 5: "That's my intelligent answer, my emotional answer is that I think she is a screeching howler monkey who isn't even smart enough to be ashamed of herself." -- Captain Tightpants I have to remember this one. It's just too funny. 🙂
Okay, I've had my bad!fic reality check for the day. *snicker* After reading some of the truly horrid and hysterically funny badfic's at badfic_quotes and other miscellaneous MST3K and "anti-fic" comms I can honestly say most BSG inspired bad!fic is not so bad.

Doctor Who “Father’s Day”

It just occured to me I haven't posted about last night's Doctor Who ep. Doctor Who: Father's Day A number of British fans (and a few American fans who had already seen the episode via "other" means) had been telling me for quite some time that Father's Day was an excellent episode. I have to agree. I'd already come to like both Rose and the Doctor in previous episodes but this one cinched it for me. I think Rose may undergo a great realignment in her thinking now that she has had an experience of painful loss, though while not...
I was about to give up on finding decent BSG fic to read today after reading some of the less than stellar offerings on the net. I don't feel like I'm in a bad mood but there's a huge part of me that just wanted to trash some of the fics I read, especially the ones that had so many replies honestly liking the stories when it was obviously they were not very good. Thankfully Apollo's Lady had a new installment of her latest fic over at Adama Realm and I am now content. AL's Adamii-angst stories can sometimes wander...

FBF Icons

Just a couple of quick Fruity Beverage Icons. Apparently the fruity drink pics got deleted from the camera, but scar_bsg75 had a different pic from who knows where. (Why? I have no clue and Scar isn't talking.) So here are two quick icons until something better crops up or I have time to clean them up a bit. A quick Fruity Beverage Fic icon A more garish Fruity Beverage Fic made at the suggestion of Scar
So BSG is over and scar_bsg75 is now hanging out with me until Doctor Who comes on in three hours. So while we wait it out... Favorite quotes for the day: "Wake up and smell the mockage, people!" -- scar_bsg75 after I shared some replies with Scar that were mistaken as praise for the Fruity Beverage Fic. "Shut up before I shank you with a dull butterknife." --My friend and classmate, M.A. "You're no Wile E. Coyote." -- Classmate D.R. to classmate J.D. on his lack of engineering skills.

SciFi Friday

Yay! BSG "The Captain's Hand"- one of my favorites :-). I've decided Lee is still my favorite BSG character, though I like them all in varying degrees. Doctor Who "Father's Day"-- I still can't believe I missed last weeks ep, even the repeat. 🙁

The Bad!fic Song

I was surfin' on the Net one day In the merry, merry month of May April I clicked on It has some really bad fic And now I wish I hadn't surfed today! (No offense is intended towards The bad!fic on the other hand...) Note to self: Upload bad!fic Userpic. Benedict Interview

So I've read the interview Dirk Benedict gave and I have to second the unofficial_bsg blog's note that he seemed too serious and comparing BSG "with the downfall of conservative civilization was a bit of a stretch". Other than that I thought he was a still a bit arrogant and condescending towards Katee Sackhoff (but then my impression is he can be quite arrogant and condescending on many a subject, the de Santos and Hatch business and the dissolution of his Hollywood career for example). Otherwise he seemed like a reasonably honest man of conservative values.