Phew! The GTAs are done and what fun it was. I don't think I've seen a forum move that fast the heyday of Farscape. 🙂 I only correctly guessed three categories, but that's okay given the quality of each of the nominees be it actor, character, writer, ship, 'ship, or episode. Taking a break now to watch Atlantis since I'm sure the HD5 will be humming along for quite some time tonight.

GTA Reactions

Miscellaneous reactions to the GTA and commentary... (Don't read unless you don't mind being vaguely spoiled for the Golden Toaster Awards. Yay! *claps* Wow. Cool. They actually beat the Towel? *claps* Heh, Starbuck. *claps* *gigglesnort* Poor Billy. But yay! Cavil. Saw that one coming. 🙂 I really suck at guessing who's going to win what. I only got Cavil right so far. Heh. Wow 90 people reading. The TOSser is....the Romantic relationship between Dee and Lee. Seriously, it had to be this or the time jump, IMO. Two of th emost confused and not very played out moments of season...

Arg!! No Toasters for Me!

Ah frak it all to hell! Thunderstorm has moved in with a vengeance. All I can hope is it passes through or moves to the southwest quick enough so that I don't miss the GTAs. I suspect it wont. *sigh* Missed them last time 'cause of weather. OK I was only lurkin' back then but still. Looks like I'll have to satisfy myself with reading after action posts later tonight. *sulks* Thunderbird must hate me or something. Oh well. Maybe we'll get some decent rain out of this.

BSG Icons

Here's the last of the BSG Icons I've been posting all week. This last 12 icon set includes: 1 Miscellaneous Background Character 3 Miscellaneous (2 Scenic views, 1 slip of paper) 1 Gaeta 3 Roslin 1 Baltar 1 Apollo 1 Chief/Boomer 1 Six Samples:

Toasters, Atlantis, and Asteroids

Well I seem to have some extra time today since the bosses decided to let everyone go home early. It feels odd considering most places I've worked made its employees work the day before and the day after a holiday like the Fourth of July. So now I get a four day weekend, which is cool. I'll spending most of that time down in Phoenix with the family anyway. So tonight we've the 2nd Annual Golden Toaster Awards over at Hangar Deck 5. Should be fun with RDM and Ms Ron participating. It'll be fun to see who won in...

BSG Icons: The Adamas

This is the next to last batch of BSG icons I'll be posting. This set contains 21 icons:2 Miscellaneous Background Personnel2 Dradis Screen6 Bill Adama10 Lee Adama1 Bill and Lee AdamaSamples:   Battlestar Galactica Icons

Blade: The Series

Well, since I can't seem to get to sleep I guess I'll post my review of Blade. Blade: The Series Directed by Peter O’Fallon Blade… Kirk ”Sticky” Jones Christa Starr… Jill Wagner I admit Kirk Jones did a reasonably good job portraying Blade, copying much of Spike Lee’s portrayal quite well while adding in some of his own ability into the role. Unfortunately he seems to lack the presence and stature the role requires. I know many people dismiss singers (or in this case, a rapper) as incapable of acting but Jones did pretty well. Admittedly his role didn’t call...


I've decided I'll go ahead and check out Blade: The Series even though I'm not much interested in the movies anymore. I enjoyed the first Blade movie when it came out. Now not so much. The second and third movies were good time killers but not very good movies. We'll see how it goes. Maybe they'll make it somewhat interesting to watch. Maybe not.

BSG Icons: Cylons

This is the third installment of BSG Icons. This 13 icon set is composed of some Baltar and miscellaneous Cylons:2 Baltar2 Six3 Eight6 CenturionSamples:      Battlestar Galactica: Baltar and Cylon Icons.