Slogging on

Just dropping a post to show I'm still alive and kicking. Life's been kicking my ass the last week and a half or so. Maybe I'll go into it another time when I'm in a better frame of mind. By the quick browse I gave the flist it appears I'm not the only one. So hugs to all those having a bad day/week/month. Anyway, hopefully I'll have my reviews for the new BSG episodes up before the next Friday's episode.

The Stig

The Stig named « IAIN HALLOkay, it was the worst kept secret in the motoring world but it's a shame to take a reveal the Stig in the general media. Not that it'll take the fun away from the amusing introductions used on Top Gear.But still...Spoil Sports.

Alas, Six and “Khaaaaaaannnn!”

As I learned today via SyFy Portal Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan have died.Ricardo Montalban Dies at 88 Known for a variety of roles including popular roles on "Fantasy Island" to "Star Trek".Patrick McGoohan Dies at 80 Best known as "The Prisoner"'s number Six, I remember him from "Scanners" and "Braveheart".May both rest in peace.

Humorous note to fanfic writers

Please note the following:Marshall Law - Australian television showmartial law - rule by military authorities imposed on a civilian populationIt's weird to see a line in a fanfic stating thusly, "Marshall Law was imposed on the public", when the first thing you wonder is how bad the television series was for it to be forced upon an audience. 😉Just a  humorous thought for the day.

The Phoenix Gate

Note to self, take and load pic of the Phoenix "Stargate". Basically this "Gate" is a bit of artwork that was build along with the new transit rail system. While they've changed it a little from when it was first put up it still looks like a 1/2 to 2/3 scale Stargate.

Thirdsphere news

I'm behind in my intended update of the Thirdsphere website, but progress is being made. Technically I suppose it's ready for use, but there are some sections I still want to tweak a bit. Here's the addy for those who'd like to take a look at the changes so far: Thirdsphere. There's still some bugs but I'm particularly interested in what the BSG and Farscape fans think of the newly reworked areas of the site.Changes made to the site:Switched to Joomla CMS from PHP-NukeUpdated Fiction archive from eFiction 2.0 to eFiction 3.0. Also renamed it the subtitle to "Flights of...

Something about Gray

A friend of mine challenged me to post something about myself that most people would not know, so here it is:I'm allergic to onions. Or perhaps more correctly intolerant towards onion. (I don't know which is the correct term so I'll use the term allergy for now.) Apparently my dad had the same allergy. Other than my dad I've never met a person allergic to onions, but have read of others similarly afflicted.Anyway, I'm not deathly allergic to onions but I have to watch out for them ensuring I only have a small amount (preferably none) or I end up...

2009 Television Viewing

So 2009 will bring us some new shows, continue others, and spell the end of some.Battlestar Galactica - So BSG winds down this year in time for the rise of it's spin off show, Caprica. Despite my growing ambivalence towards BSG I intend to watch the final episodes intently and hope RDM & Co don't completely destroy my interest in the show (and Caprica in the process). While frustrated by what I feel is somewhat sloppy writing and continuity for the last two seasons and plagued by bizarre character "development" I still love the show and look forward to it winding down in... = patent trolls

Like many MMO game fans I'm disgusted by suit against NCSoft over virtual world and massively multi-player online playing technology. They are definitely deserving of the nickname "patent trolls". Fortunately it is unlikely will get anywhere, as prior attempts of such claims have failed with their suit despite their (  attorney's claims to the contrary. It's likely to get dismissed under prior art as has been noted by several different analysts, observers, and assorted gaming experts and fenn.  If not, I suspect we'll see unprecedented cooperation from the gaming companies to crush these little trolls.So all  you gamers...

Happy New Year

Just a quick message to all...Happy New Year!I hope you all had a fun New Year's Eve whether you went to a party or welcomed in the new year with family and friends. Here's hoping to a better new year for all.