Email problems

Hey everyone.I'm just getting the message out that AOL has been blocking a number of e-mails from assorted addresses particularly from mailing lists. It has ticked me off because it caused me to be unsubbed from some of my favorite lists and had to re-sign on to them. Anyway, I've started to use the account again. If you've had trouble getting through the AOL account please try the b5crusader account. If the problems persist I may simply switch everything over to my Gmail account and be done with AOL entirely.Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dollhouse: a brief commentary

I plan to write a full review later but here's a brief non-spoilery comment. The show has some good potential, though I'm not completely sold on the premise as yet. Was nice to see Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett in different roles from the ones most will know them from.