Painting Houses

Tomorrow I get to spend the day re-painting my mom's house. Really it's only the trim and porch area. It's needed the work done for a while and I already volunteered a number of times to do it. I imagine with the whole gang involved it won't take too long to complete. Hopefully it won't be too hot unlike the past few days here, either.

Thirdsphere Update

The Thirdsphere Fiction Archive has been updated with more Farscape fics:The Chains of Freedom: Aeryn SunThe DarkThis Side of ParadiseThoughts on a Man I, II, IIITo Kill Furlow and To Kill Furlow...TooUntitled #1, #5, #20The Valley of DreamsThis takes care of all my published non-adult Farscape fics. Adult ones will be posted shortly. After that I'll either start loading the Earth: Final Conflict stories or the Babylon 5 stories followed by the Battletech and orginal fiction.

Thirdsphere Update

The Thirdsphere Fiction Archive has been updated with seven Farscape fic:Novus Sun: If I See You TomorrowNovus Sun: Flights of FancyOde to FoodcubesOf Earth I DreamPenny For Your ThoughtsSilent UnderstandingsTime And Again (Jaenus Mix)More updates to come soon.

Geocities Closing

As I'm sure many have heard Yahoo is shutting down their free web hosting service, Geocities, on October 26, 2009. I have some pretty fond memories of my Babylon 5 pages on Geocities in Area 51, the Area 51 Rising Stars, and all those fans from assorted shows I met through websites on Geocities. I guess they just become another piece of Internet history.I think I'll go save the Geocities web button I made just as a keepsake, although I shudder at the old page design now. Guess it's a good thing I'm just about ready to reload the new...

TV Review: Eureka 3.09 “Welcome Back Carter”

After an interminably long time (9-10 months?) Eureka's third season returns with episode 3.09 "Welcome Back Carter".Warning; Spoilers Below!Recap: We left off from the previous half of the season with Sheriff Carter fired by General Mansfield, Carter's sister and Dr. Blake both being pregnant, as well as Henry Deacon reluctantly being town mayor.Plot: The new sheriff Comments/Observation (In no particular order)Dude, interviewing for a job and not being able to talk about your previous one has to suck. Especially for one involving Homeland Security.Baby aquarium? That is so not cool. Zero-g is cool, but the title, nope.The new sheriff in...

From life to guilds

Haven't posted much the past few days. Been busy with RL things, like getting a new refrigerator. LOL!EurekaWoot! Eureka returns tomorrow. I hadn't realized how much I was missing that show until recently. Looking forward to it.BattletechMy love and interest in  Battletech seems to have been rekindled again since I started reworking an old Battlespace editor my gaming group used. Been interesting trying to update the thing while learning the newer syntax and features. It's also ironically rekindled my interest in 3D modelling. aybe when I get the first few models done I'll post screens of them here.Guild WarsThis past...

Warehouse 13

Quick non-spoilery thoughts on the show. I'll be posting a review later in the week.Overall I liked the show. It's basically what I call sci-fi light. It's fun, has a little science and history thrown in but doesn't get too techno babble-ish, but sometimes takes too many liberties. Not completely sold on it, but potential a decent show.