Digital Art: Floating Dolphins

An old one, but still one of my favorites. One of my early artistic endeavors from back in 2004 using Paint Shop Pro. Floating Dolphins was the banner for my now defunct Floating Dolphins blog over at ThirdsphereNet. Sometimes I think I'd like to recreate it knowing I could do a much better job now.

Digital Art: Face

Another digital art entry. It's much better than the previous landscape, in my opinion. About: The face and skin is actually a skin I'm working on for a 3D Blender model. Much of the rest of the image was created in Gimp trying out techniques for drawing hair.

Digital Art: Landscape 02

Hey all, I'm going to be trying to post some of my digital art (good and bad) once or twice a week depending on what's available. I've got a back log right now but I expect I'll exhaust that out before I'm ready with any new stuff I've been working on in Blender, Gimp and some other programs. About Landscape 2 It's an rough city/landscape I was working on to try out some atmospheric effects in Gimp. The building kind of suck, but I don't complain to much since I only spent about an hour or so on this one,...

Writer’s Block: Proven by Science

An interesting question. Do scientist have the capability to explain everything? No, obviously not. That lack of capability does not however mean that there is not a a scientific explanation for everything, just that our grasp of scientific knowledge is extremely small. When it comes to the physical world and interactions therein then yes, I believe everything has scientific explanation. Whether we have yet reached the intellectual awareness, development, and comprehension to discover and understand these explanations is an ongoing process. But there is also the ever present wonder and question of whether there is something else beyond the mere...

Thirdsphere Update

Updated Thirdsphere's template. Still tweaking a few bits here and there (mainly some colors for ease on the eyes) but essentially it's the new look I'm going to be using for the site.Still working out some kinks to the Babylon 5 template that have delayed it's re-launch at the site.