Sites of the past

I got a strange email today from someone wanting to buy, the old domain I used to have for my Farscape peacekeeper website. Obviously a strange e-mail given that I have up a couple of years ago and it's now owned by a domain reseller. Not sure which one since they use Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. to hide their information. Likely the email just a wanna-be scammer using out of date information given the circumstances and the procedure to obtain a domain name. Still, it made for an amusing read, if nothing else. It did remind me...

Quick post

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was a bit small this year with just my mom and brother as most of the family couldn't afford to travel to Phoenix this year. Let's see, I've been busy helping my mom with her new business and the feral cat colony. Also been helping some unemployed friends look for work. Trying to get my brother to get his welding certificate since he's interested in welding and says he'd like to get into doing that sort of work, especially for autos. Doing lots of house renovation and remodeling. Getting back into playing...

New Thirdsphere Banner

Updated ThirdsphereNet's banner with a new one based on winter scene to be more in keeping with the season. (Even if Arizona's been unusually warm this year.) Created with the Gimp. Inspired by Guild Wars: Eye of the North with my own little science fiction tweak added in.

V for Obama?

Sometimes you really have to sit back and laugh at the craziness in the world.  Ok, perhaps this is more a case of silliness run amok, IMO. So a friend of mine who knows I watch V (and like the revised series for the most part) sends me a link to: 'V' is for Obama? Not So Fast -- Politics Daily. I read and I get a bit of a chuckle. The original V was politicized by some with respect to Reagan, this time Obama. Not that surprising really as the revised V simply incorporates the changes in the world...


So tonight is the beginning of the re-imagined version of the original 1983 (I think) V series. Guess we'll see if this a truly new version, just another knockoff, or worst of all "we're a drama not scifi" show. I'm really starting to frakking hate any producer or writer who makes such a dumb ass claim as "we're drama, not scifi". You can be both you know. /minirantOk, back on topic. It looks like it'll be okay, so I'll watch it tonight and decide whether its worth my time or not.