Legend of the Seeker 2.12 “Hunger”

Warning: Here there be spoilers! (under the cut)Legend of the Seeker 2.12 "Hunger"Plot: The Seeker is distracted (again) to rescue some random people from Banelings. (And sucking face with Kahlan.)´╗┐Commentary:Is that Uncle Teddy? (aka Thaddicus Zorander) Why yes it is."Thanks, Zedd." I guess Zedd interrupted some face time between the Seeker and Confessor and Cara vicariously watching, eh?Oh. Random damsel in distress. Richard: We must help them since we haven't had our epic battle of the day. Zedd; Hmf. Incinerating trees doesn't count as excitement anymore? Cara: What about the quest? Richard: But, but...I'm the Seeker. It's what I do! Cara: I'll give you some shiny...

Andrew Koenig missing

Andrew Koenig missingAndrew Koenig, the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, is missing. The last time Andrew Koenig was seen was on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, and he hasn't heard from since then.He was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.Andrew Koenig, 41, was working as a camera operator on the show "Never Not Funny" as well as doing improv in Los Angeles. Best known as "Boner" from "Growing Pains", Andrew also had a role in "Deep Space Nine",...

SFF random musings

Some sci-fi/fantasy musings I've had but failed to post sooner...Avatar. Eh. Okay I guess. Great FX of course but meh on the rest. I guess for big screen scifi I expect a nice tight story, characterizations, and decent f/x, especially when the films been hyped.Hmm. How strange that my muse decides to return by clunking me over the head with a story idea for Legend of the Seeker of all things. Heh. Now I just need to write it up.A note I sent to a friend on writing a fantasy fic: Magic should only enhance human ingenuity and creativity, not...

Thirdsphere Update 02/16/2010

More long overdue updates...Updates to the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive5 Earth Final Conflict stories added: Gray's 1999 EFC SciFaiKu, Heavens Descent Blue, This Path Taken, I Wanna Be A Taelon, Scorpion's Reprieve.Forthcoming additions: EFC "Revenant" series, Babylon 5 "In the Gardens of the Past" series.The new masthead poll is still running with voting to end March 5.

Just rambln’ here

This past weekend was pretty busy between Chinese New Year (I decided to go to see the CNY event at the Chinese Cultural Center), Guild Wars' Canthan New Year (which I most afk'ed), and the XXI Winter Olympics starting up on top of all the other things going on this weekend.The Chinese New Year festival events at the Chinese Cultural Center were pretty cool, Year of the Tiger and all that. The food and arts were good as usual, but the dragon boats and dancers were the highlight for me. Now I'm just waiting on the end of the month...

Thirdsphere Update

I made some minor updates to the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive. I added the following Babylon 5 stories: Reflections in the Night, Lightbulb 5, Sea of Stars, as well as the Darkened Souls series: The Deliberations of Savages, To Walk In the Sands of Blood, The Red Sands of Passage, Remembrances and the Future, and Reunion. (Please note the Darkened Souls series is R rated primarily for violence.)

Thirdsphere Update

Made a few small updates to ThirdsphereNet:Posted some CSS code snippets for rounded corners and opacity.Posted some old web templates: Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon (Octagonal Simple), and Tekniq.New poll to choose what I should base Thirdsphere's Spring '01 Masthead on.I'm still debugging the downloads section, so that is still unavailable.