W. Morgan Sheppard

So I was watching the latest LotS  ep "Creator" and get a niggling sense of familiarity to the voice of the Keeper and kept thinking I know that voice that started with the beginning of season 2. Is it W. Morgan Sheppard? After a quick check online, turns out I was right. Sweet. I remember him well from MacGyver, Babylon 5, assorted Star Trek roles, Gargoyles, uh...and about a dozen or so assorted television shows and movies (Transformers and Prep and Land being more recent ones). Guy sure gets around. More actor cross-fandom love.

Reading, Writing, and Rambling Oddities

The Law of Nines Hmm. I'm debating whether to buy The Law of Nines (basically a sequel to the Sword of Truth series but still separate from it as I understand it) that came out last year. Part of me says yes given I liked the SoT series, but... I don't know. I think I might. Fanfic Writing *shakes fist* I will finish you! Basically my LotS fic "Blood in the Bones" is going to be around 18-20 chapters. At least that's what I've outlined out. Some might get cut if they turn out to extraneous to the story. I...

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New updates at ThirdsphereNet. Administrative Fixed color error on download detail pages. Thanks to the visitors who pointed them out.Corrected "Latest Downloads" to "Popular Downloads". Projects New web template: GlozzSphere. A dark CSS and graphics template. Downloads New downloads added. Fonts: PakamaraShadowVorlonBabylon 5 Collection 1 (A compilation of Babylon Industrial, Narn2, Minbari, Pakmara, Shadow, and Vorlon)Layouts: Omega SimpleGlozzSphere Poll Current Poll:  Summer 2010 Masthead Forthcoming Planned Updates Moya, Farscape, and Delvian fonts.

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Thirdsphere Update

Finally got the downloads section working at ThirdsphereNet. Woot! But... *grumbles about nettlesome coding* ...it's not open for the public yet while I redo the CSS code to be actually readable and not blind site visitors. :p So soon the oft promised downloads page will be done and available for visitors.

Miscellaneous Post

Just posting some long overdue reviews for Stargate Universe on the blog tonight. Almost forgot today was switching to Daylight Savings for the rest of the country. So Mel Gibson is planning on creating a Viking movie. Cool. Maybe. Let's be honest, Hollywood usually screws up when it comes to even remotely portraying Vikings with any smidgen of accuracy. I suppose Gibson is better than most in at least attempting to be historically accurate.