Wil Wheaton guesting on Eureka

From (Source: E! Online): Eureka: Geekgasm! BBT fave Wil Wheaton is guesting on the July 23 ep as the "brilliant Dr. Isaac Parrish." The Syfy hit series makes its fourth-season return Friday, July 9. Sweet! And the Legend of the Seeker spoilers (via the E! Online link)  sound interesting, too.  😉 (Read at your own peril! Or not.)

Passing thoughts

Some brief thoughts... The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind:  Thumbs up. And not just because I got a new hardcover copy for a ridiculously low price. I'll post a review for the book in the coming days. (Yes, a genuine, non-snarky review.) Stargate Universe: If they can keep up the improvement seen in last Friday's episode, they might just have drawn me back in. Maybe. Note to self: finish typing and post reviews for SGU. Fringe: Enjoyed the retro look for last week's episode. Heh. Clash of the Titans: Thinking about seeing it, if nothing more than to compare...

Earthquake in Phoenix

Hmm. Had a little earthquake tremor here in Phoenix a few minutes ago.  That was interesting. Haven't felt a tremor like since I last visited California a few years back. Or maybe the last big Mexico quake. Guess I'll go check and see if there's anything at USGS about what happened.