Site News: Ongoing Rebuild

The rebuilding of ThirdsphereNet's content continues. Content from the old Livejournal nlog has been successfully imported as well as some reviews which are in the process of being reorganized and tagged as needed. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

CSS Code #1

Opacity CSS Code A collection of CSS Code snippets. CSS Code Set #1 contains code of opacity, eliminating border outlines, and resetting web pages. Repost. Originally posted 8/12/2011. This is a cross browser CSS code that results in a 50% opacity to what ever it is applied to (i.e. images, links) Some of the code included is CSS 3 and may not work in some browsers.', ' The CSS Code:   .my-opacity {     filter:alpha(opacity=50); /* msie */     -moz-opacity: 0.50; /* firefox 1.0 */     -khtml-opacity: 0.50; /* webkit */ opacity: 0.50; /* css 3 */   } Please...