Review: BSG 4.08: Sine Qua Non

Repost. Original Post Date: 05/31/2008 BSG Ep. 4.08: "Sine Qua Non" Plot: Roslin and the rebel cylon baseship's sudden disappearance creates repercussions throughout the Fleet, especially for the Adamas. Viewing Commentary: Six trying to project while she was dying was interesting. And it was touching that Cottle offered his hand to her as she was dying. Wow. Didn't realize Adama hated Zarek that much. I say hate since his feelings seem to go beyond mere distrust or dislike. Naturally the Quorum is upset when Lee acknowledges that his father won't recognize Zarek as President. Zarek is rightfully pissed off, though...

Site News: New Year 2020

2020 rings in a new year and a new decade! It seems appropriate that today is National Science Fiction day (and famed writer Isaac Asimov's birthday) to say that I'm going to try and get ThirdsphereNet back to contributing regular content and articles once more, though there may be less in quantity. I have many ideas I'm hoping I'll be able to share over the coming year. Hope everyone has an awesome 2020! Karolyn Gray, Site Admin