Battlestar Galactica 3.05 “Collaborators”

Warning: Spoilers!

Battlestar Galactica 3.05 “Collaborators”

Plot: The fallout from the Cylon occupation of New Caprica is reveals a rift between those seeking justice and those seeking revenge against accused Cylon collaborators. 

Viewing Commentary:

  • Galactica sure looks beaten and battered. Poor girl got some battle scars on her.
  • Jammer is brought to the circle, found guilty of crimes he and his subordinates committed particularly during the Temple of Artemis Raid while working for the New Caprica Police, and is blown out the launch tube.
  • Though it’s good to see that not all of the Circle members are comfortable with what they’re doing.
  • It’s odd seeing kids on Galactica. Not unexpected of course given what’s happened. Also overcrowded.
  • 41,435 survivors. They lost fewer people than I would have thought with the occupation, resistance, and so on.
  • Okay this has to be a dream sequence, even aside Adama and Tigh’s appearance. No way would Roslin forgive Baltar, let alone want him. Yep. See.
  • Cool. We finally get to see a little more inside the Cylon ships.
  • Hmm. They reworked the 3d models of the Basestars again.
  • Zarek is President and wants Roslin as VP so he can step down and allow her to assume the Presidency. In exchange Roslin offers him the Vice Presidency. Interesting bed fellows, isn’t it?
  • Poor Gaeta taking flak because of what happened, particularly from Tigh.
  • Tigh is definitely angry when he argues his best friend. I feel sorry for Adama too since he obviously wants to help his friend.
  • Funny how Tigh talks about justice but then has his problem with Gaeta.
  • Anders and Chief notes that they don’t have hard evidence, something Tigh claims is needed to find guilty.
  • I admire Anders for finally deciding he couldn’t participate in the Circle after they decide to ignore their own procedures to try and ensure some form of genuine justice.
  • Lee reporting on the people vanishing across the fleet. Too bad his attempt at humor of his trying to lose weight seemed to fall flat.
  • I’m kind of surprised Kara is talking to Gaeta. So apparently is everyone else in the room. Of course, Kara is actually there to grill Gaeta over his role in Baltar’s government. And Gaeta admitting to her that he passed on information though obviously she doesn’t believe it.
  • So the circle brings in Starbuck. Not exactly a good choice given that she didn’t really even go through the evidence.
  • Yay for Sam Anders trying to talk some sense into Kara. And Kara admitting in her own way she’s messed up. I feel sorry for him for not being able to really get to her.
  • Ironic in Kara’s attempt to get revenge the truth about Gaeta’s involvement is revealed. Luckily the Chief was there to hear it.
  • Zarek admits that he authorized the Circle to carry out the trials and executions. Starts sounding a bit like a lunatic there. He has a point about trials lasting years and accusations flying about, but his solution isn’t much better either simply because there is no oversight to prevent revenge masquerading as justice from occuring.
  • I really liked Roslin’s speech though I’m not sure I agree with her issuing a general pardon. I understand the reasoning, but I doubt it will stop the more angry members of the population given events.
  • I liked Chief sitting with Gaeta, quietly showing everyone that he supports him.

Miscellaneous Comments: 

And this episode highlights why vigilante justice is anything but justice. Sure the Circle did get some guilty individuals like Jammer, but then they also tried to kill other people like Gaeta who had secretly helped the Resistance. It’s because of the Circle’s secrecy that they fail to gather all the facts in making their decision and allow their personal demons and prejudices to get in the way of impartiality and genuine justice.

Rating: 7.5/10

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