Blade: The Series

Well, since I can't seem to get to sleep I guess I'll post my review of Blade. Blade: The Series Directed by Peter O’Fallon Blade… Kirk ”Sticky” Jones Christa Starr… Jill Wagner I admit Kirk Jones did a reasonably good job portraying Blade, copying much of Spike Lee’s portrayal quite well while adding in some of his own ability into the role. Unfortunately he seems to lack the presence and stature the role requires. I know many people dismiss singers (or in this case, a rapper) as incapable of acting but Jones did pretty well. Admittedly his role didn’t call for much emoting and it’s pretty obvious he lacks acting experience, but still he did a passable job. Ditch the sunglasses though. They don’t work for him. Jill Wagner as Christa Starr, a war veteran and army sergeant, who saw some pretty nasty stuff (implied to have been in Iraq) did a reasonably well job. Her twin brother, Zack Starr, is murdered by Vampires while secretly working for Blade and she basically goes on the war path to find his murderers. Overall her character was okay, though it was silly that just because she was in the army she had these mad combat skills (both unarmed and armed) that conveniently disappear when she has to fight Blade and she just assumes because she’s ex-military that she can help the police and later Blade. Just stupid writing there and borderlining the character into Mary Sue-land. I was amused that the decided to go the cliché route of hard rock for music for portraying the Vamps. Basically this episode was just your typical actioner. Lots of really pointless fights and some spiffy FX. The first hour is BORING! The second picked up quite a bit and actually became mildly interesting. I suppose the first hour had to be boring in order to give the back story for those not familiar with the background of Blade. Sadly, the characters that I found most interesting were Marcus Van Sciver and his right hand man (not the vapid and jealous Chase). Overall, I’ll give the series a few more episodes to see if anything more interesting develops. I doubt this one’ll get out of my third tier viewing: okay to watch on a regular basis but nothing to get truly into.