BSG Drabble: Betrayer Betrayed

Title: Betrayer Betrayed Author: Karolyn Gray (gray3 ) Rating: G Pairing: None Spoilers: Crossroads, Pt 1 & 2 Word count: 187 How can you stand there, with those clear eyes and not flinch at the betrayal you have inflicted upon me and humanity? Where is the idealist I first met so long ago on the day the Cylons destroyed our worlds, our lives? I look at you now with these thoughts in my mind and realize I never did know you. Not really. You espoused ideals I thought matched my own. You supported me when it seemed no others would. And this is why the betrayal cuts deeper and more painful than I could ever imagine. You claim you want to uphold humanity's worth and then you betray me in the most personal of ways. I want to hate you, but I am not sure that I can. Neither am I sure I can ever forgive you. Looking into your eyes through the riotous crowd, I see you have come to the same painful realization. I don't welcome that knowledge but I accept it. I can see you do as well. Our link is broken, but I find I must wonder: Who is the betrayer? Who is the betrayed?