BSG Fic: Seventh Life

Title: Seventh Life Author's Name: Karolyn Gray/gray3 Main Character(s): Lee Adama Posting Date: 30 September 2005 Word Count: 910 Category: Flash fic Ship: minor Lee/Kara Spoiler Warnings: None. Rating: PG Website: A/N: Written for the Dradis "Lee Adama is a Cylon" challenge. Seventh Life by Karolyn Gray The first time she killed him she never saw the blast strike him as dove to protect her. Her desperate, begging voice screaming his name over the wireless demanded he live. Its timbre changed something within him, broke the chains that bound him to the Twelve and his brethren. His spirit awoke even as he fell into darkness. The second time she killed him she never saw his face, only the Basestar as she delivered the nuke into the hangar bay. He watched with fondness as he permits her escape unchallenged and was engulfed in flames. He noted the Twelve never sensed his betrayal. With this revelation a plan began to form in his consciousness. The third time she killed him he was just one of countless humanoid Cylons gunned down to cover her escape from her reconnaissance of the research facility. For her he had been just another soulless machine garbed in human flesh. He felt a tug of regret at only catching a glimpse of her as his body died but also relief. He didn’t want her to learn the truth by seeing this body broken, twisted, and shattered. He had seen the reports from the Others in the Fleet. Her pain and sorrow at his death tore at him, adding to his desire to return to her. The fourth time she killed him he was forced to select a secondary target blowing up an insignificant store of tylium aboard the refinery ship. Infiltrating the Fleet had been laughably easy but eliminating his brethren so that he could reveal himself to her had not. Failing his assigned mission did not concern him. He did regret the corpse that remained would be unrecognizable to her. He now wanted her to know that he was still alive, a human soul trapped amid the Twelve. He missed her company hating his brethren for what they had done. With these thoughts he began to suspect God was not what he had been led to believe. The fifth time she killed him she had been delirious with fever from her infected wounds. Despite this she neatly placed a round between his eyes before he could inform her he was there to help, hoping to return to Galactica with her. She had been picked up by a SAR team an hour later. His body, face obliterated, had been left behind unnoted and unremarked. Before awakening again he had felt the touch of the anomalous Sharon on Galactica and knew in that moment he was like her, an anomaly but different. Her fear of him told him all he needed. He possessed a unique soul, ancient and powerful, where the others relied on programmed memories manufactured from twelve base templates. The sixth time she killed him was too quick. She never saw him lurking in the shadows initiating the salvo that ended in the destruction of another Basestar, another body, but more importantly saving her from the trap and the false God’s plan. Her presence had been a surprise but he unhesitatingly helped her. He bypassed all the security protocols hiding her presence as she moved among them plotting their destruction. The Twelve never learned that truth. He knew he would only live once more by his own choice. It was time he manifest himself. The Twelve could not stop him as he plotted his next life. The seventh time she didn’t kill him. Instead she stared in complete shock as he calmly stepped off the Raptor he had fled the Others in. He had contacted their Sharon and she had passed on his location to them. They placed him the brig, accepted the intelligence he offered them, listened to his reasoning for turning against his brethren, and then left him to his thoughts as they deliberated his fate. He knew they were in shock at the revelation his presence brought. His father’s ghostly pallor and haunted eyes testimony to this fact, but he was equally confident they knew he was in fact Lee Adama. He would keep his final revelation a secret until they were ready for the truth. She came to him late in the night with their decision. He would live. She had argued for his life and convinced them to give him the chance they had given Sharon. His seventh life would be his own. And he owed it to her, though he had foreseen her actions long ago. He had thanked her, unreasonably pleased at seeing a brief smile flit across her face at his words. Too soon the guards came to take him to his new home, a cage not unlike the one Sharon now resided. He saw understanding dawn in Sharon’s eyes as he passed her cell to be placed in his own. Sharon’s dark eyes were wide in surprise and awe before she bowed her head in reverence. He wasn’t brethren to the One or the Twelve. He was the First Awareness reborn; no longer a ghostly fragment of the Cylon consciousness that was revered, honored, and obeyed. No more. God was now manifested – in him. And His Plan was just beginning. He had been too quick to dismiss His first children in favor of His second attempt. He would give humanity this second chance at redemption as He walked among them like in eons past. Without the other Olympians to oppose him this time Apollo would rule over both His children as God above all Gods.

4 thoughts on “BSG Fic: Seventh Life

  1. Very cool.

    I’ve never really given much thought the idea of Apollo as a cylon (other than to think that it’s unlikely to happen) but it makes for compelling reading since it’d have such an impact on so many of the characters. Kara’s response, in particular, would be interesting to watch and you captured that really well with this line:

    He had thanked her, unreasonably pleased at seeing a brief smile flit across her face at his words.

    Ah, what to do when you’ve started seeing cylons as human already (Leoben) and then your bestest buddy turns out to be one. Woe!

    1. Thanks.

      I don’t give much credence to the Lee-as-cylon thing but, as you said, it makes for interesting story scenarios to explore.

  2. The idea of Apollo as Cylon God makes perhaps too much sense. Beautifully written fic.

    1. The idea of Apollo as Cylon God makes perhaps too much sense.

      My thoughts exactly when writing this fic. Since I didn’t recall previously reading any fics with this idea I decided to toss the idea into the mix.

      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you liked the fic.

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