BSG Review: “Downloaded”

Had fun waiting for BSG to come on last night between scar_bsg75, visiting the Cylon Cafe (We have a mean plan....TROD! TROD!), and general wackiness at the HD5 chat (Alcohol inspired greek myth parallells...hee). I was watching SG1 and SGA at the same time, but both were kind of on the boring side. More on that when a get around to posting my SG1 and SGA backlog of reviews. Definitely have to visit the HD5 chatroom more often.

Oh and Doctor Who coming to Skiffy? Yay!

Anyway on to the review.


This episode was much better than I expected it to be. I was rather uninterested in the episode based on the spoilers I had read but the commercials actually piqued my interest. The episode didn't cover as much on the Cylons as I had hoped it would and left me a bit perplexed on a few aspects. The flashbacks weren't as annoying, though they are still getting old, and at least served a useful purpose in this episode.

The Acting

I think Tricia Helfer put in one of her strongest performances yet as Caprica Six, second only to her portrayal of the tortured Gina. She pulled off the tormented and guilty Caprica Six especially well, especially in the entertaining role reversal of the Six-Baltar dynamic. She and James Callis were completely in synch with one another and delightfully creepy at just the right moments. Her palpable guilt and pain over the memory of Baltar and then her joy and delight in discovering his survival were just rivetting.

Grace Park also did an excellent job his episode. In the past I've wondered about the exent of GP's acting ability but could never decide if it was her, the script, or whatever. In playing Boomer (by whom I mean the Sharon Valerii killed by Cally) and Sharon (Helo's love) in tonight's episode I enjoyed the differences she brought to each character. The only scene I didn't really like, acting wise, was the delivery room scene. It felt off but not only from her but all the actors involved. GP did an excellent job of portraying Boomer's unwillingness to give up her own life, her loss over a life that never really was her, and  her guilt over what happened on Galactica. She was also excellent as Sharon when enraged over the "death" of her daughter.

General Comments/Thoughts:
  • Caprica Six reincarnated.
  • Ooo. An imaginary Baltar in her head. This should be a fun role reversal to watch.
  • Boomer reincarnated.
  • The vats of goo.
  • Anyone else creeped out by D'Anna Biers greeting Six and Boomer as they're reincarnated?
  • So they're rebuilding Caprica...trees, parks, a Starbucks coffee house? Dude, seriously. A cafe? You've got to be kidding me. Nuke billions out of existence so you can make more cafe's for you and your robot buddies to sit around getting caffienated and waxing poetic over nothing. Why would machines want to sit around drinking coffee. Imitating life isn't life.
  • Ah we've got numbers to the models now. I hope I remember these correctly...#3 (D'Anna Biers), #5 (Aaron Doral), #6 (Caprica Six, Six, Gina., Shelly Godfrey), #8 (Boomer, Sharon Valerii). Makes me wonder what numbers are Leoben and Simon. I wouldn't be surprised if Leoben was #1 given his penchant for religious fervor.
  • I'm loving the sarcastic Imaginary!Gaius.
  • Six is a war hero and actually referred to as Caprica Six, like a regular human name. Interesting.
  • Boomer is also considered a war hero. For what, I do wonder? Sure she almost assassinated Adama, but overall her efforts really didn't seem to advance the Cylon cause any.
  • Sharon's baby in trouble.
  • Caprica Resistance! Anders! Okay, I still don't really find Anders all that interesting yet but it was good to see he was still alive and kicking Cylon ass with the C-bucks.
  • Skin-jobs. Heh. Love the Blade Runner reference to the biological cylons.
  • Papa Helo. He's just so adorable.
  • Interesting that it seems Boomer hates the Cylon God. It's very obvious that she loved the Old Man, the Galactica, the Chief, the crew, her whole "life".
  • "I'm a frakking Cylon!"
  •  Me likey vicious Anders, not that I blame him. Given the same situation I'd be on the war path against any and all Cylons too.
  • When Adama, Roslin, and Tigh agree on for the hills...or nearest black hole, whatever, because hell just froze over.
  • You know it is somewhat odd that the Cylons are so desperate to be like humanity and yet many so openly hate humanity. Why emulate what you hate? I 'm thinking my theory of faulty programming is beginning to sound more and more likely as the cause of the Cylon rebellion, their desire to become living being like humanity, and their belief in God.
  • Why does that Centurion look so odd? Must be the lighting or something.
  • What is Roslin up to? I doubt she'll have the baby killed.
  • Wow. Six got frakked over pretty good in the explosion.
  • "I'm not going to give up on life again." Spoken like one who has finally learned the value of living. A nice tie in to Sharon's statement in Scar: "Death becomes a learning experience."
  • Anders and the 3 Cylons. This aint your mamma's farytale.
  • Guilt tripping....
  • Dead baby? Uh uh. Aint buying it, people.
  • Side note: Hera Agathon. Good name.
  • Sharon going nuts over dead baby.
  • Poor Cottle. I love Cottle.
  • Helo and Chief spreading the ashes in space...very touching. sniff.
  • Baltar's devestation over the child and Six's rage...just wow.
  • So Hera's role according to the Cylons" She will lead the next generation of God's children. Funny thing is what if God's children arent the Cylons?
  • Damn! Caprica just laid out #2 with one big ass rock. TROD! TROD! (TROD = The Rock of Doom (or Death if you prefer))
  • "We're alive."
  • I find it interesting that so many of us who fanwanked that the biocylons who get close to humanity see things much more differently then their brethren are correct. Boomer and Caprica are both thinking what the Cylons did to humanity was wrong and now appear to be on some path to allieviate what they took part in.
Rating: 9.0/10