BSG301/302: The Cylon Edition

Warning: Spoilers Again more ramblins on the characters in 301/302 The Cylon Edition Okay I was going to list them as I had in previous editions until I realized that in and of itself might be considered mildly spoilerish to some. So they're all under a single cut. Gaius Baltar Baltar, Baltar, Baltar. I don't know which emotion holds more sway over me with regard to Balter: pity or disgust. I'd feel more sorry for him being in the difficult position he is in if not for the fact that he knows terrible things are going on but tries to pretend to any humans he has contact with that nothing is wrong. Granted there is little he can do about the situation were he inclined to do anything. And there is the rub: he isn't even willing to try except in extraordinary cases. Of course I consider Baltar something of scumbag given decisions he's made. Imprisoning Zarek was a politically shrewd move given Zarek's charisma and past but also obviously proved useless as armed resistance to the occupation sprung to life quickly inspite of, and likely due to, the attempts to quell human dissention. Added to this the numerous arrests, abuses, "disappearances" and harsh conditions it was inevitable that Baltar would become viewed as a traitor by humanity. Caprica Six I find it interesting that Caprica Six seems to be the loudest voice amongst the Cylon leadership in protecting humanity and carries enough influence that it appears that the other models are intimidated enough to rarely challenge her, with the notable exception of when a Doral model "kills" her. That's not to say that Sharon doesn't have a lot of influence in her own right but it seems like Caprica Six is the most determined in her defence of humanity. Six(es) The other Sixes seem to be completely divided from hardliners to liberals when dealing with the humans. Makes things interesting. Sharon Valerii I get the sense that Sharon, while being equally vociferous in wanting to preserve and protect humanity from further Cylon agression, senses that the whole occupation is pointless and doomed to failure. She seemed at times too resigned to the Cylon's continuing brutality and excesses against the human population. Leoben Leoben was his usual creepy, manipulative self. Sadly the poor Cylon thinks he loves Kara Thrace when his behavior is more akin to that of a stalker or domineering husband. Not that Leoben would really care, I think, since he's so keen on fulfilling whatever destiny he thinks he has with Kara Thrace. Three Maybe having Caprica Six bash her head in knocked some minor bit of sense into her, as she didn't seem so intent on wiping out humans now. Obviously she doesn't like humans but seems slightly more amenable than previously. Then again I could be totally wrong and she's just trying to understand Caprica Six and Boomer's infatuation with humanity. Cavil(s) The Cavil seems to be the most divided of the models shown. You got ones that want to prosyletize, others are almost heretical in their behavior, some care about humans, others want them dead. There does seem to be a love of intrigue and psychological manipulation inherent in the model when dealing with humans and cylons alike. Doral(s) I found it interesting of all the models the Dorals seem to have the most united line of thinking, unlike the divisions seen in the Six and Cavill models on just about every issue. Simon(s) The Simons didn't say or do much but I was of the opinion that that model in general was sitting on the fence waiting to see what the others intended to do and just generally go along with the majority decision. The Centurions I found it interesting that the skinjobs don't want the Centurions to be sentient, fearing a rebellion not unlike the one they staged against humanity. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen if the Centurions despite the skinjobs efforts actually did acquire sentience like the Cylons did?