Doctor Who “Rise of the Cybermen”

Warning: Spoilers for US Viewers!

Doctor Who “Rise of the Cybermen”

Plot: While visiting a parallel Earth, the Doctor and his companions encounter another of the Doctor’s old nemesis: the Cybermen. 

Viewing Commentary:

  • Interesting take on how to revive the Cybermen. Didn’t they do something similar with the Cyberman in the old series? Oy. It’s been too long. I don’t remember.
  • I know exactly what I’m doing. Boom. Heh.
  • Seriously, what happened to the TARDIS
  • So, Rose’s dad is  success in the alternate Earth. Heh nice to know Jackie is still complaining.
  • Apparently Zeppelins are a status symbol.
  • What’s with the ear pieces? And the bar thing out of Jackie’s ears looks familiar.
  • Interesting mix high-tech and retro-tech. More high-tech than not and concealed quite ingeniously.
  • Yeah I’d say 10 years off your life to be able to get back to your own universe isn’t a bad exchange.
  • Of course the scientists are exploiting the homeless for their experiments.
  • Okay now we know what’s up with the ear pieces.
  • Rickey/Mickey’s grandma.
  • Heh. So Rickey is London’s most wanted.
  • Mickey meet Rickey.
  • Cybermen! Human 2.0 Upgrade. Heh
  • Delete. Delete. Delete/ *snicker* 

A to be contined episode of course. 🙂

Miscellaneous Comments: 

Yay. The Cybermen are one of my favorite recurring Doctor Who villains. I’d say they’re second behind my all time favorites, the Daleks. I like the new look to the Cybermen.

Rating: 7.5/10