It’s Alive!!

Just kidding. is just about fully back up and running. Unfortunately, I couldn't save the database in the Peacekeeper Forum so I've lost all members, their posts, and what not. It kind of sucks but at least some of the posts I had copies of and replace. Other, alas, are gone forever. Which is entirely too bad. There were some awesome discussions that went on there. *sigh* Also still having some small trouble with re-integrating the forum, but I hope to get that fixed tomorrow. I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking of re-merging and Thirsphere.Net back together since I doubt I'll be able to rebuild my old Farscape fan base at after such a long downtime coupled with no real major additions to spice up anyway. Three old members already emailed indicating they wouldn't be back since the series is over. And of course, pkdefender left shortly before the whole disaster started. Oy. I'll have to think hard about this one. On the whole though I'm pretty happy with getting it back up with only a few minor glitches after just a couple of hours work (aside from the failed database recovery).