Life, Cats, and Writing

Life and Cats I had mostly a mundane day. Went to a couple of interviews and then over to my mom's house to do some of her lawn maintenance. There was a surprise waiting for me after I trimmed the mulberry tree. Rabbit, one of the feral cats my mom takes care of, had her litter right under the second mulberry. I'm guessing she was trying to get to her nesting spot but didn't make it before she started giving birth. Anyway, looks like she had four kittens, two all black and two with black and white patches. I found one of the black ones about five feet from Rabbit mewling (that little one sure has some lungs and a voice!), so I picked it up and put it back with its mother and litter mates. I wore gloves, of course, so there was no chance of Rabbit rejecting the kitten for being handled by a person. So that makes the second litter in as many weeks for the feral colony. The other cat, Misty, has her kittens hidden away so there's no count on how many she had. On the plus side, having the kittens moves the colony up on the list for the catch and release program. Fanfic Writing I've finished the first draft for a a Battlestar Galactica post-320 fic tentatively titled Elysium Amongst the Stars. So far it's coming in just over 2,200 words, but  will likely end up longer since there are some scenes I want to change. I haven't got a tag line for it yet, since everything I've come up with so far kind of gives the plot away. It's a Lee and Adama fic with a smidge of Tigh and Gaeta thrown in. I'm almost finished writing another BSG fic, Mouse. I have one more chapter to write and I am debating writing an epilogue, we'll see on that. I hope to have it finished by the end of next week. This one's definintely it's a post-320 AU. (At least I hope so!) I also wrote Part 4 of my snarky BSG bad!fic The Adventures of Major Brigand and Captain Sass: When Pol Met Buck. I think the title alone gives you the idea if you haven't already read the first three installments. I might go ahead and post that tomorrow. Also have a future fic Homecoming finished as well. There are also three short fic completed as well: Tormentor, Time's Mirror, and  Wanderer. The last three are from the Galactica Alternate series. Apollo's War and The Aleoidae are coming along slowly.