Probe ordered into Chinese gymnast's age | Reuters

I'm not surprised to hear this news. Unfortunate if it proves true the gymnast was competing illegally. Today hasn't really been a good day at the Olympics with the doping scandal looming over the equestrian event added on to this IOC probe.

I was disappointed with the women's softball team loosing to Japan, but Japan's been a great competitor for years. I'm more disappointed that the IOC has decided to remove softball from the games.

I was happy to see the US women's soccer team defeated Brazil, 1-0. Sounds like it was a pretty hard fought game as expected.

The US sprinters have been a mixed bag. Some really great moments and then some pretty dismal ones. I get the feeling they're definitely not acting like a team when it comes to the relays and are more concerned about personal glory. Few seemed to support each other. Maybe its a hangover from the doping scandal. Maybe not. If nothing else, US Track and Field need to get their act together for the 2012 London games if they want to return to previous Olympic success.