Quick post

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was a bit small this year with just my mom and brother as most of the family couldn't afford to travel to Phoenix this year. Let's see, I've been busy helping my mom with her new business and the feral cat colony. Also been helping some unemployed friends look for work. Trying to get my brother to get his welding certificate since he's interested in welding and says he'd like to get into doing that sort of work, especially for autos. Doing lots of house renovation and remodeling. Getting back into playing saxophone again. And so on. On the science fiction/television/entertainment front:
  • V - Enjoying it.
  • SGU - Bored with it, but stll watching.
  • Dollhouse - Bummed about the recent announcement, but not surprised after T:TSCC.
  • Legend of the Seeker - better than previous season, though really just good for vegging out on.
  • Sanctuary - Watching.
  • Fringe - Watching.
  • Bones, House - Watching and catching up on some episodes I missed.
  • Caprica, The Plan - Waiting to see.
  • Metropolis. Still want to see this classic SF film