Random BSG Musings

Just jotting down some random BSG thoughts that came to mind while browsing various BSG LJs. Ah, so the music played at Kara's apartment was composed/performed by Philip Glass. Interesting little tid bit. BSG spin off, already? Not likely folks, but we'll see. Lee/Laura Shippers. Not knocking you all, but I just don't really see it and I've tried hard. All I see is a really strong friendship and mentoring relationship. I've only read one fanfic that made the romantic relationship angle even remotely plausible but even then left me not quite believing it. But, to each their own. OK. This small rant came about because of some really stupid whining on the part of fans because Kara was driving a freakin' Humvee instead of noting that she was making a stupid move by even driving the frakking thing in a human abandoned city in the first place. While I can understand fan bitching about cheesy costumes and bad props, I get a little annoyed with those who whine about how the BSG costumes, props, and what not are "Earth like". Yo, people! That was obviously was RM's point to make the story and characters more accessible to us Western/European viewers in the age or terrorism and religious inspired violence. Besides, there's a little thing called budget constraint. Y'know, if real toasters were as tough as the Cylons, I wouldn't be replacing mine as often as I do. 😉 I have to admit that I was extremely hesitant to watch the BSG miniseries when it first aired, not because I was one of the original series fan-nazis out bitching about pointless things like Starbuck being made a woman, the new "human" cylons, etc., but because the early script just read like, well to be honest, bad porny science fiction. But being the open minded science fiction fan that I am, I gave RM version of BSG a chance. Why not? I loved the original series as a kid (despised BSG 1980) and rembered how many great potential story lines it had. I'm glad that I did watch the mini. It caught my attention with its new take on BSG and has held on ever since through season 1 and now into the beginning of season 2.