Science Fiction & Fantasy Musings

Movies So some interesting (I think) science fiction movies appear to be on their way. Eve, if they're cheesy at least it means somebody in Hollywood is trying to be somewhat original ([!]). Battleship- A science fiction twisted version of the classic board game. Okay, not original in that it is a game but what the hell, better than remakes of movies I saw as a kid, and perpetually remaking Batman every other month. Don't get me wrong, the remake of Clash of the Titans was decent (particularly the f/x) but otherwise...meh. Cowboys and Aliens- I give credit for the producers trying this one, even if it's based on a comic/graphicnovel/whatever.  Hopefully wont be completely lame. Television SGU has been surprising me lately. Seems to be getting better. Legend of the Seeker - If the previews for next week's episode are any indication I'll need to do a wee little rewrite on my LotS fic. That or slap a giant AU sticker on it and call it good. 😉 *sigh* Any word on the fate of season 3? Which leads me to this...Goodkind fans: Goodkind inks three book deal with Tor. Riverworld - Some WTFery in show last night but okay fare I guess. Will comment in review later. Off to get some writing done.