Stargate Universe “Darkness”

Warning: Spoilers Below the Cut! Stargate Universe Ep 4 “Darkness” Plot Summary: The Destiny’s power reserves become dangerously low. Viewing Commentary:
  • Rush seems a bit jumpy. Probably need to go decaf or something.
  • Yum, powdered food paste.
  • Mathboy ad he upbeat morning meeting.
  • Me thinks Rush is headed for a breakdown.
  • Eli does vlogs (aka meet the characters)
  • *sigh* More old scifi references. Look, as a sci-fi aficionado I like old science fiction shows, movies, books, etc. That doesn’t mean I go spouting randomly about them.
  • Ah the first meeting of the “We Hate Rush Club”. Nice. Colonel passes on Rush’s warning not to turn things on until the power situation is settled.
  • I cringe when I see that rifle barrel smacking the floor as it weapon is used as a make shift crutch. Sure, there’s no choice but I still cringe at the potential damage being done.
  • Eli shows Chloe the showers.
  • Eli introduced to the Future Mutineers of Destiny club. See, Eli is capable of making friends. Who says being lost in space means you have to give up your social life?
  • Rush doesn’t play well with others.
  • Colonel Young gets to play baby sitter.
  • Power outage. Nice.
  • Heh. Old cell phone trick for when you need some light. Been doing that one for years.
  • He’s about to pop…*thud* See.
  • Ah, the guilty conscience kicks in. Now everyone thinks they shouldn’t have been using the power.
  • So Eli thinks of a solution the brain trust didn’t. Ok. So long as the writers don’t try to make this a habit I’ve got no problem with such an obviously device.
  • Young swaps bodies to report in to Pentagon.
  • Use the crutch. Heh.
  • Young goes to visit ex-wife.
  • Telford still gunning for Young. Which makes you wonder why he even bothers given the situation will likely end up with all those on the Destiny coming to a sticky end.
  • Planet in system.
  • Riley the perv. And his kino buddy Eli.
  • Heh. I laughed at Scott squeezing his eyes shut like a little kid.
  • Trajectory --> Sun
Rating: 6.5/10.0