Site News: Ongoing Rebuild

The rebuilding of ThirdsphereNet's content continues. Content from the old Livejournal nlog has been successfully imported as well as some reviews which are in the process of being reorganized and tagged as needed. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

Quick post

Obviously I've been completely horrible in posting regularly here. Mainly, life keeping me busy among other things. I decided to pass on the Japan job opportunity. It was interesting but I decided it probably wasn't the best thing for me right now. Been enjoying the usual shows V, Bones, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe (which finally won me over), Legend of the Seeker (blah on cancellation, yay for fandom fighting for show), Merlin, et al. Looking forward to the return of Eureka, Warehouse 13, as well as some of the new shows to try out (e.g. Haven). Finished that LotS fic...

Thirdsphere Update

Finally got the downloads section working at ThirdsphereNet. Woot! But... *grumbles about nettlesome coding*'s not open for the public yet while I redo the CSS code to be actually readable and not blind site visitors. :p So soon the oft promised downloads page will be done and available for visitors.

Thirdsphere note and randomness

Thirdsphere Update It seems the web site hosts has ThirdsphereNet back up and running, though a bit slowly. So yay for that. I think I'll wait until tomorrow or this weekend to finish the planned updates and new poll. Randomness "I am the electric Buddha." That freakin' phrase has been running around my head all day thanks to a whacked out dream last night where my cat said that line to me. O.o I have no idea where the phrase came from but hopefully it'll now go away. Legend of the Seeker fanfic note LotS fic is going well (and...

ThirdsphereNet update…sorta

Figures this would happen when I have some time to work on the website. Well, I was going to announce today that the new banner for ThirdsphereNet was now up for viewing but apparently the host provider is  having some sort of intermittent problem. Seems a number of sites are inaccessible at the moment (according the forums and an associate of mine) and have been since yesterday. I had no problem yesterday when I was fixing up the Babylon 5 section but have had problems today since the gallery and banner update. Anyway, hopefully they'll have whatever issues solved soon. ...


I love my new flat screen monitor. So much better for the eyes. I'm no longer enslaved to a CRT! Woohoo. (The CRT fried out on me, finally.) I have an urge to visit Russia and Kazakhstan again. Weird.Masthead poll still going on at Thirdsphere.LotS fic is proceeding, though it is much larger than I anticipated. O.o Ah well, it takes as long as it takes.

SFF random musings

Some sci-fi/fantasy musings I've had but failed to post sooner...Avatar. Eh. Okay I guess. Great FX of course but meh on the rest. I guess for big screen scifi I expect a nice tight story, characterizations, and decent f/x, especially when the films been hyped.Hmm. How strange that my muse decides to return by clunking me over the head with a story idea for Legend of the Seeker of all things. Heh. Now I just need to write it up.A note I sent to a friend on writing a fantasy fic: Magic should only enhance human ingenuity and creativity, not...

Thirdsphere Update 02/16/2010

More long overdue updates...Updates to the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive5 Earth Final Conflict stories added: Gray's 1999 EFC SciFaiKu, Heavens Descent Blue, This Path Taken, I Wanna Be A Taelon, Scorpion's Reprieve.Forthcoming additions: EFC "Revenant" series, Babylon 5 "In the Gardens of the Past" series.The new masthead poll is still running with voting to end March 5.

Thirdsphere Update

I made some minor updates to the Thirdsphere Fiction Archive. I added the following Babylon 5 stories: Reflections in the Night, Lightbulb 5, Sea of Stars, as well as the Darkened Souls series: The Deliberations of Savages, To Walk In the Sands of Blood, The Red Sands of Passage, Remembrances and the Future, and Reunion. (Please note the Darkened Souls series is R rated primarily for violence.)

Thirdsphere Update

Made a few small updates to ThirdsphereNet:Posted some CSS code snippets for rounded corners and opacity.Posted some old web templates: Alpha, Gamma, Epsilon (Octagonal Simple), and Tekniq.New poll to choose what I should base Thirdsphere's Spring '01 Masthead on.I'm still debugging the downloads section, so that is still unavailable.